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    I have applied for SSI only 2 weeks ago but i expect they will probably want me to do the FEC. I have FM/CFS, Depression, Thyroid, and lots of other issues-(Not that FM/CFS shouldn't be enough), I don't know if I need to go to the SSA docs or I have heard that you are entitled to have your own personal doctor do the exam. Does anyone have the answer or what they had to do? Just trying to get all my thoughts together for my fight with the system!!! Thanks for all the replies in advance--- Mevy.
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    I had one of these but it wasn't for SS it was for my insurance company.

    I had to go to their doctor for a short evaluation, I think it was just to see that I really was sick and that I had the problems I said I did.

    I wouldn't borrow trouble. Take things as they come and you will be fine. I know that it is nerve racking, but once you have done the paperwork and answered their questions, all you can do is wait.


    I got mine on the first try. For FMS/CFS, depression, anxiety, etc,etc. Too many things to list. I am 54 now, 53 when applied. I do think that age has some impact on how hard it is to get.

    If you applied for SSI it is income based and you should know very soon, if you applied for SSDI , which is not based on income, it will take approximately 6 months to get the final answer. I had to see their Doc about 2 months after I applied.

    Good Luck,
    Gentle hugs,
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    Thanks for the info. I am nearly 58 now so I hope that is a big factor. I know that I can no longer work, but this is so hard, I have always worked and I loved my last job that I had and did for 13 years. I worked for a surgeon and I really loved what I did. I gained alot of knowledge and gained lots of friends there. Now I have to struggle to just remember things through the day on myself--let alone patients info too. lol. This DD is really a nightmare isn't it? People don't understand what kind of a life we are forced tolive and the real pain we are in. After all we don't "look" sick. I really appreciate all the good info and advise we find here. This is a great place to come. I'm so glad I found it. Mevy
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    Social Security allowed me to go to my own doctor for the FCE. I gave them his name and fax number and they sent the forms to him. However, when I went in for the appointment he looked at the pages and pages of information he needed to fill out and said, "no way". He made his own comments and sent me on my way. It worked out ok for me because at that point I'd already gotten an FCE from the specialist my attorney had sent me to and SSA took that. Bottom line, if you ask them they will let you use your own doctor but just make sure that when your doctor agrees to do it, he knows what he's agreeing to. The form is quite lengthy and requires specialized equipment in order to be accurate. The exam will also take 3-4 hours.

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