Questran and Dr. Shoemaker

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    I have been reading all i can find on the work Dr. Ritchie Ritchie Shoemaker in eastern Maryland is doing with Questran and his theories on neurotoxicity. I have believed for a long time that my FM had something to do with a toxic overload. A naturapath I saw last year said most of the people she treats who have previously been diagnosed with FM are suffering from Lymphatic congestion and uses a detoxing diet to get things under control. my sister in michigan has FM and her Rheumy sent her to a physical therapist who also treats FM patients by stimulating the lymphatic system to release toxins, and she has gone off all of her meds and back to work full time. Whatever is going on my mind has been affected the worst and i think i'm ready for his intesive detox approach. I'm really interested in any info you all have on Shoemaker or other physicians using Questran based on his research.
    thank, bsyounges
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    bsyounges: I'm paul mark and if you've read my post you know how sick i am with CFIDS despite goignto CHeney

    what is questran, ? this detox diet? anything you find out please share with use i try about anythign as nothing is workign period for me, i don't have FM as main dx although have developed fms in last 2 yrs. been sick 6 now

    i hate meds take low dose neurtonin 400mg l mg klonopin 2 drops sublinqual doxepin HS and l2.5 tianipentine novel european antidperssant that at least don't go thrut the live or fry brain, recommended by dr. cheney

    i would love to nix meds nad strict holistic but it ain't worked for me i can't sleep or take pain, lot os flu like symtpoms dyeshtias in mouth tongue thorat bronchials l25 lbs 43 lbs underwght. food alelgies galor

    please let us know i'd be interested

    God bless and thanks for post Paul mark in KY
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    for those interested there are a couple of articles in the library section on this guy and his treatment. one is called "Fibromyalgia: The Anatomy of a Phantom Illness " if you type shoemaker into the search. the second is a 2 part article by patti schmidt, search "schmidt" part one is called "New Theory Links Neurotoxins with Chronic Fatique Syndrome, Lyme, MCS and other Mystery Illnesses" and part 2 is called " Neurotoxins: Diagnosis and Treatment Information for Chronic Fatigue Syndrom, Fibromyalgia and other mystery illnesses"

    his theory is interesting and i firmly believe in the toxicity issue. I was on a detox diet last year that did show promise, but my short attention span affected my will power, or that is the excuse i'm sticking with today ;-)

    my quest is to heal my body - not to just treat my symptoms. I guess I'm looking to see if any one on this board has actually met with him or is using his Questran protocol to detox.

    i need my brain back, i'm willing to give this a try, and if i can bring a couple of you with me then the more the merrier. a *fog-lifting party* of sorts.
    cheers, bsyounges
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    Many people have posted about Shoemaker's protocol, including Questran. Cholestyramine(Questran)is the main component of Dr. Shoemaker's protocol for removing neurotoxins from our brains;these toxins can include viruses and bacteria, as well as heavy metals such as mercury.

    Type in either Shoemaker or cholestyramine into the search here, and you should find many of the posts about this topic. (Also, you can do the same in other search engines outside this site, to find Shoemaker's website.)

    Good luck,

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    therapist who also treats the lymph system. My first appointment was just for counseling, my appointment this Friday will be the first for the actual treatment. I couldn't believe what she could tell about me by just looking at me and my body structure. I asked her if she used Chiropractic adjustments and she said no, more like Osteopathic. I am curious and eager to get started, I'm at the point where I'm willing to try anything.