Questran and lyme disease

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Antenbunny, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. Antenbunny

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    The information about Lyme disease and neurotoxins is really interesting. Has anyone else tried this? I'm going to my specialist next month. I'm not sure what to take in to her, there is so much. How do you know what is the best stuff to take? Please let me know if others have had good/bad results with this so I can take the information to my Dr.
  2. CreateHope

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    I know ahorsesoul said she takes questran, and I believe mabear said she's got Lyme. So in case I'm right, and esp. if I'm wrong, I'm bumping this up. I am still in the diagnosis process so it's too soon to try new meds.
    Good luck, and if I find out anything more on neurotoxins I'll post it.
  3. Ahorsesoul

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    antenbunny,I know if you have Lyme disease you should begin treatment for that for about a week and then start the Questran. I have taken Cholestyramine (Questran is the brand name) for over two months now and I have not felt this good in years! Many of my FM symptoms have disappeared or reduced so much. If you're interested in the Questran treatment it is a good starting point. Do a search on Questran, cholestyramine or Ahorsesoul and read what I have written on this site about how much better I am taking this treatment. I also have a friend who has had the same type of results so I know it is not just me. Good Luck.

    Thanks createhope for the bump! I'm hoping you're next on the Questran train. You deserve to feel better too!