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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. rosemarie

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    I had my first interview to day with teh social security people and when I said I had fibro he saked me if I had the irratable bowel syndrome too and I don't. I am always on the boundup side as I am taking so many narcotics that constapate me alot ok all the time and I am eating alot of fiber so that I can get things moving and get things to move.
    I do quite well as I eat alot of fiber and I also take some fiber caplets too so I usually don't have a problem except that and this is gross I have my bm's are really hard but I it goes through me at least twoice a day everyday so I am trying to get and keep things moving the way they should do but I ened to get something to soften them up.

    But taking Morphine 100 mg's up to 4 x' a day really makes things hard. I don't know what to do about that.I really don't mean to sound gross and discuss the bodily functions in it, it is embarassing to me to discuss this in mixed company too. IF you know what I mean. I don't like discussing what my body is doing or not doing.

    But I wondered why the interviiewer asked me about if I had IBS? I didn't tink that just because you have fibro that you wil also have IBS with it? do you ? While I don't have the IBS persay I do have fibro and that I know for sure but I wa wondering why he would ask me that I didn't know that everyone had all the same things when you have fibro?

    I am abnormal as they come, I am the one will have the most abnromal adverserve reactions. I get the strangest things that no one else will have when ethey take the same meds as I do.

    But having this interviewer ask me about the IBS I wondered if it is a nessary thing to have IBS withyour fibro? And I wrong about this does everyone have IBs with the fibro? Sorry for all the uncomforataaale things I have talked about in the above section. I just wondered if I had to have the IBS to have fibro? And since I am the one who does not do anyting normally does. I just want to know if that is a requriterment to having fibro? SO can someone tell me about it and it that is true?
    Thanks so much Rosemarie
  2. pepper

    pepper New Member

    No, dear, you do not have to have IBS to have Fibro. It's just that a lot of people who have Fibro do have IBS. Maybe this person was just trying to show you that he knew something about the illness.

    So don't worry about being "abnormal" because there are many here just like you. And I hope he appreciated the fact that you were honest with him when you could easily have lied about it.

  3. lenaw70

    lenaw70 New Member

    I think Pepper is totally correct! IBS is a common part of most fibros lifes BUT...not a actual part of fibro.

    I also think Pepper was on the money in saying that the worker might have been showing you he/she knows about fibro and thats A GREAT thing!

    Take care and best of luck!
  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    The others are correct ... IBS is just one of many "extra" problems that are common with fibro, but each person doesn't necessary have all of them.

    BTW, do you take a daily stool softener like Colace?
  5. KelB

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    Bear in mind that IBS can cause chronic constipation as well as diarrhoea.

    I have a friend with IBS who mainly suffers constipation with it.
  6. onnaroll

    onnaroll New Member

    no i dont have ibs either, and this may sound gross but could someone tell me what the symtoms are? thanks onna
  7. roseylisa

    roseylisa New Member

    Try over the counter stool softners are much better than laxatives. You will feel much better!
  8. Jen102

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    is important because he is trying to determine your ability to work. many who have fibro also have ibs. pain can disrupt your ability to work. if your bowel habits are unpredictable and cause you to need to use the bathroom more often or take more time, or whatever, this fact may disrupt your ability to work and support your case. You should recontact the person and explain that you have never been diagnosed with ibs (whether or not you may actually have it), but that you have difficulties with your bowel movements. while you are not working, it sounds like you have to take extra precautions in order to keep your bowels moving due to the narcotics. Could you do these things and have adequate bathroom time if you were at a job and had timed bathroom breaks at particular times during the day? I hope this helps. blessings to you. jen102
  9. lenaw70

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    IBS shows itself in many forms.

    Mainly diarea, constipation, and the biggest ugly of all BLOATING~! Bloating and pain in the abdomin that makes you look temporarly 6 months pregnant it the WORST! The best way to find out for sure is to have an lower GI (barium enema)done. Not the nicest of test, but it can easily show your colon in overdrive.

    Another thing to remember is...

    My mother died of Colon Cancer and her doctor told me that IBS is NOT something to ignore. He said that IBS patients tend to get colon cancer later on and if you have IBS you should be getting colonscopes done on a regular basis. I am 35 and have to have one every three years due to my mom's cancer onset started at age 45. when I turn 40, it MUST be done EVERY year.

    Please remember this advice to all of those with IBS,


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