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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hope everyone has a happy Easter and is feeling well.

    I got hit with the virus/cold/flu, whatever, that has been going around. It hit hard for a couple of days but my immune system put the smackdown on it and I've been getting better. I've been resting a lot because this particular bug seems to strike and come back a second or third time. I didn't lose any time at work as the bug conveniently hit while I was off. I did work a few days feeling lousy, though.

    My hours at work have increased as we are at the heighth of Snowbird/Springbreak Season. We are busy from the time the store opens until it closes. I've been working 20-24 hrs. a week. It is getting easier and I'm now able to work three days in a row without crashing. I still need days here and there to rest up or I would crash. It's all about balancing my energy.

    Just wanted to share an update because I know many are thinking about working again. It didn't work out with my last attempt but this seems to suit me and I'll probably stay. The money isn't great but I got a small 90-day raise. In another 90 days, I am supposed to get a more significant raise because I've gone from bagger to cashier. The best part of the job is that I can take off whenever I want as long as I give them enough notice. I just hope that once the tourists go home that they will be able to give me enough hrs. to make it worthwhile. We'll see.

    I do get tired but I think being able to work, making a little money, and being out in public more than offsets any fatigue. I will not allow myself to let my energy get so low that I get sick again. No job is worth that. We are all different and while some of us may be able to work, others will not. Finding the right job is key if one wants to work.

    My knee still swells and hurts and I'm seeing the physicians asst. on Fri. Other than that, it does seem to have healed from the surgery. It snaps and pops now and I want to ask about that. It didn't do that before the surgery. Oy! It's always something!

    Even though I don't get here as often as I used to, I try to keep up with what's going on. I keep everyone in my prayers and send my hugs to y'all.

    Love, Mikie
  2. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Happy Easter to you. I am glad to hear things are working out for you this time, sorry about the bug thing. Kind of hard to avoid while working with the public, especially handling money.

    I work from 12-5 on Fri only at a antique store and I really do enjoy it...most of the time. Every once in a while you get those people that come in and try to sell you grandmas plate or what not. They are like "it is really old so it has to be worth a lot of money,lol.

    I feel we all need a moderate amount of activity in our lives. Once we get down to a point I know it is hard enough to walk to the bathroom let alone around the block, but we have to try.

    Please read my Daffodil Principle post, I think you would like it. Have you been doing anymore writting?

    Thanks for letting us know how you are doing, just keep doing it and balance too-Carla
  3. victoria

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    So glad to hear you're holding up and still able to work evven with the knee operation and the flue! ... that flu hit my family too, altho I just had a 'taste' of it luckily. It's really gone around this year!

    Snapping and popping sure can be aggravating at times, even if it doesn't hurt! My dislocated wrist from car accident 3.5 yrs ago occasionally does that, it's just 'icky' LOL... currently trying accupuncture to try to get more movement and weight bearing at this point as there's not much else I can try. Only other thing is prolotherapy, as surgery isn't indicated anyway.

    you're right, it IS always something...

    But sounds like you are holding your own! Sorry you couldn't get up to see your family in Atlanta this weekend, especially since the weather's been cooperative, so far!


  4. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Glad you've stopped by and updated us on your progress.

    I'm glad you're managing this new job so well and hope you continue to do so.

    I just caught the bug that's been going around here too, yuck!! But I guess I deserved it, I felt well enough to shop at 3 different locations in one day, probably too much.

    And the grandson, yep...he's a cutie!!

    Nancy, also good to hear from you again too.

    Hugs all,

  5. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I've been thinking about you the last couple of days, that you haven't been around much. Now I know why.

    I'm so happy your worklife is working out Mikie, it must be great getting up and going out to work, being with other people and contributing.

    That cold virus has been doing the rounds here for months, re-infecting people, it's a strange one.

    Happy Easter to you too Mikie. It's very cold over here in Scotland, the coldest Easter on record......

    Take care and I hope you are kept on once the tourists have disappeared.

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I really appreciate your interest and good wishes.

    Carla. I'm glad you enjoy your job at the antique store. I have always loved antiques, especially old pine furniture and more primitive things. I have some European pine pieces which are more than 150 years old, including a child's sleigh. It's more like a pine stroller on iron runners. It's very graceful. I haven't been writing as it seems all my time is spent, working, resting so I can work, or laundering my uniforms for work. I really have to get a more balanced life. That will only happen when I am completely over the flu symptoms. I still have no appetite and am detoxing--probably my system's way of getting rid of the virus. Best of luck to you all round and with your job.

    Overwhelm, I hope you will get your healing to the point where you can work, if that's what you want to do. For me, it was a benchmark in my healing. I also have CFIDS/ME and it seems that it can be a very complex condition to try to heal. It's taken seven years and lots of trial and error before finding treatments which help. Good luck to you.

    Victoria, I always watch the weather for the Atlanta area. My SIL had to fly on Easter, so they had the egg hunt on Sat. I'm waiting for the videos. Kids at that age can be funny. They either really get into it or it just doesn't excite them at all. They got rid of Andy's old crib and got him a firetruck bed. His uncle is a retired fireman. I hope your wrist heals. Having a painful or weak joint just wears a person down. Take care.

    Nancy, I'm sorry about the dx but I'm glad you know what was wrong and are feeling better on the new diet. There are some good cookbooks on how to make all kinds of bread, pies, cookies, etc. without gluten. Yes, Andy is really growing up. The dog, Nigel, was rescued so his family tree is unknown. He is definitely part Chow and either black lab or Newfundland. He really does look like a Newfie to me. He is a very noble dog and a gentle giant.

    HugsNancy, I'm sorry you got the bug too. I do love shopping and I don't worry about catching anything when I'm out. With my job, the customers bring the bugs to me :) Take care.

    Molly, I do take the sublingual B-12 as part of the methylation protocol. I am still struggling with the dose and am off and on the supps. I am very, very sensitive to them and if I'm not careful, I detox all the time. It's hard to work with chronic diarrhea :)

    Rosie, Easter is very early this year so perhaps that's one reason it is such a cold Easter. I hope things warm up as I don't think we do well in the cold. That's why I moved to FL. I just feel better here.

    Elaine, in some ways, I do wish I had a set schedule but I really don't mind working different hours and days each week. I never work on Fri., so, at least, I can make appts. on Fri. and know I can keep them. I am concerned that I will not get enough hours once tourist season is over. I cannot take another job with the unknown hours I have now. I would have to look for something else. Oh well, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

    Again, everyone, it's great to hear from y'all. Take care. Y'all are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Mikie

  7. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    I usually just stay with the FMS board. So, I want to say it's good to hear from you Mikie, and your update. You helped me a lot with your kind advice with all I was going through with the knee injury.

    Yes, this flu does seem to come back twice. Rest is important.

    I had the flu twice with a fever while recovering with a sore knee!
    I am glad your knee is doing well and you are able to work.

  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Yes, I can empathize with the flu and a sore knee at the same time. My knee seemed to heal quite well but now, it's just not "as good as new." Maybe I'm expecting too much, I don't know. Will ask the physicians asst. on Fri.

    I hope you have recovered from the flu and your knee is healed. Fortunately, my knee problem hasn't kept me from working. I wear really comfortable shoes, custom fit at a local specialty shoe store, and stand on those gel mats at work.

    Take care,

    Love, Mikie

  9. jole

    jole Member

    on the board as much as you used to be, but so happy you are doing better in general.

    You were always the one who had the cool head and kept us all motivated to get better on this board without preaching or pushing. I never missed your posts and you were (are) an inspiration to me.

    So far things have not changed for me, no matter what I have tried. Can't seem to get my sleep pattern down or enough sleep to heal, even with meds. Xanax and Neurontin just don't seem to be helping, and I can't take much else. Diet changes hasn't helped either.

    We live so far away from a good med center or good doc with financial issues that I haven't been able to try a lot though. Will keep on keeping on.

    Thanks for your post and always your hope!

    Friends - Jole
  10. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    has flared up from the knee injury, felt like crying today. Now I know what people have been telling me all these years about how bad it can get. I can't believe it, really, and it hit the shoulders, arms and neck.

    I am expected to go back to work.......theres no way right now.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us. We can learn from one another.

    The knee pops when I attempt to go down stairs and the legs tire easily, which is probably from the flare-up.

    PT is making me look better losing inches from my bod, but then it seems to make the flare-up last longer.

    Who can believe all of us except those that have this disorder?
  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I wanted to ask about your ex- how is his recovery going?

    I hope you are feeling better and am very happy that with the exception of the flu, that you are doing well.

    Yes balance is the key, I still struggle with it finding it, but would have clone myself just to get the normal daily stuff done,lol-Carla

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Jole, I'm so very sorry that things haven't improved for you. Yes, quality sleep is the key. Klonopin helped me so much but I would love to wean off of it. I keep you in my prayers for healing. Thanks for your kind words; I really appreciate them.

    Kelly, is there a physical therapist who specializes in myofacial pain release? I had that following an accident eight years ago and he really helped get rid of the trigger points which were causing the pain. Myofacial pain is so different from FMS pain and unless the kinks in the facia are worked out, the pain persists. Good luck with it.

    Carla, how kind of you to ask. My ex is like most people. The brush with death scared him into vowing to change his lifestyle but I don't believe he has. He is not doing his physical rehab exercises. He's redoing his basement and believes that is exercise enough. Obviously it isn't. He had started it long before the close call. I didn't ask about his diet because he knows what he has to do and my continuing to try to get him to eat healthier wouldn't help. His current wife eats worse than he does. The kids have prepared themselves as best they can for his early demise.

    Again, good to hear from everyone. My best to you all and my prayers for everyone who needs them.

    Love, Mikie