Quick post as I am exhusted to night

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    Mom was admitted to the medical floor after falling 4 times on one hour last night. AFter having x-rays, cat scan and blood work it was discoved that her blood is way to thin and she needed to have Fresh Frozen Plasma to bring it up but it is still to thin but they don't wnat to make it to thick either.

    She has a comprseeion fracture in her back about inthe throacis region and is on Morphine IV . But it really does not work well for her still in pain.

    She has the MRI tongiht and it was nromal so no stroke mini or other wise. They belive that the falls were from having her blood being way to thin, I wonder if her having the 2 bouts of celluitis and antibitoic's IV's.Then second time she had it drained for two nights and they got lots of really nasty infection out of it and caultured it to .

    It is a staph infection and she is now on bactrim and is upset that no one really explained to her that bad side effects of taking pregnosone and it upsets her that her immune systen is not aas good as it should be. because of the pregnozone.

    She will see her doctor in the am today and he has to read all about it in her chart and will most likey do another protime and find out just how thin her blood is. She wannts me to come be there at 8 am tp take her home and i am not sure that they are going to release her that early as she is still on IV pain meds and has not been put on pills to see if that will ease her pain too.

    So I hope htat he will take his time so that I cna wake up and be alert when i have to pick her up from the hospital.
    I can't tell you just how exhusted I really am righ tnow. AS I sit typing her my eye;s don't want to stay open so I am going to have to go to bed now as I can't htthink straaight now.

    I will try to get you a update later on to day.
    TAke care adn get some rest and HUGS TOO ALL,

    Sorry about the mispellings and mixed up words but i am so tired hat thinking is not happening to me now.


    I am so tired that I can't think right.
    So off to bed go,
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    i've been on it 2 times on high dosesages...last time i said i will never go on it.


    sorry for you mum's problems..hopefully they will get her healed again..

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