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    i wondered how low is your low dose of DHEA ?
    i only take 5mgs...i want to try 10mgs.

    also what do you think is best sub lingual, 7 keto or just plain DHEA.

    many thanks,
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    It's a ZERO right now until I see my new doc on Tuesday. The nurse mentioned over the phone that she might put me on low dose DHEA next time she saw me, but that won't be until Tuesday. Right now the only things I'm on are Armour Thyroid (45 mgs.) and Progesterone drops (3 drops in am). I'll try to remember to let you know if she puts me on it. If I forget, remind me, OK?
    I don't know much about 7 Keto Dhea, except Jamie, who used to come here a lot, was taking it and liked it. This is also on my list to ask my doctor about.
    I have such a long list of questions that I am getting nervous already that I won't have time, since I know she will want to talk about all my test results instead. I hope to God I dont have mercury posioning, since she is already bugging me to get my fillings removed. I'd have to rob a bank to afford it!
    Can you ask whomever put you on the 5 mgs. if you can try 10 mgs.? Have you had your DHEA level checked since you've been on the 5 mgs.?
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    hi klutzo, i am going to see one of my doctors on Tuesday. He was the one i originally got to prescribe the Armour thyroid. which i am happy on.
    He wouldn't prescribe the cortisol....which i got my GP doctor to prescribe, which is very lucky......so i am wondering how he will react to finding out i bypassed his adrenal remedy, which contained liquorice and guarana. As like you i have high BP i know i should avoid both of those herbs. I am hoping he will be helpful with something like progestrone drops as he is well into homeopathy and similar.

    My nutritionist put me ont he DHEA. she says ok to try going higher. Thats why i was wondering what type might be best as i will have to order it from the U.S. and i wondered if the 7 keto or the sub lingual would work better.
    I can't afford any more tests yet. just had to borrow money for a new washing machine.

    Also she told me to cut down the cortisol as i did do another cortisol test and it was too high. Unfortunately i can't talk it thru with my GP doctor as she is ill, and not at work, so i have cut back to 12and a half mgs, while i wait for her to be well and back at work.
    i had my mercury levels checked and was told that i showed a low sensitivity which the doc reckoned meant it was best if i left the mercury alone until the teeth need to go.
    i was relieved :-}
    i haven't had any new mercury for 11 years and i had 4 fillings removed in 2 years, 3 years ago and then did a lot of detoxing and i do think it made a difference.
    Anyway will try to remember to remind you if you forget !
    hope you have a good appt with your new doctor