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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Frackie11382, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. Frackie11382

    Frackie11382 New Member

    Just a quick question to y'all. I was wondering if anyone else here has chronic yeast/candida infections, irritable bowel and bladder problems, and sius problems. I was just curious if I was the only one with so d@*n many problems! My boyfriend always says, "I love you even if you are broken" as his way to cheer me up when I don't feel well. And it's his way of dealing too.

    Friends in Fibro,

  2. bejo

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    I have irritable bowel syndrom.I also have some bladder problems,but not much.I've had sinus problems for years so they weren't caused by fibro.Hey with fibro the list of problems just gets longer and longer,doesn't it? LOL
  3. samjenkin

    samjenkin New Member

    I have always had low-ish blood pressure but it is now even lower (I can't stand for long periods of time). I have also developed IBS and just been diagnosed with it.


  4. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Yes, I have the IBS and bladder problems. I run to the bathroom quite frequently during the day, but am not going as often at night usually as I was, which I am thankful for. Anything to help me get more sleep. With the IBS I usually have the runs more than the constipation. Isn't FM fun?

  5. teawah

    teawah New Member

    Ditto all of the above! This is just so SO much fun ain't it?

  6. Dara

    Dara New Member

    I have the IBS and chronic sinus infections from allergies. The allergies just started a couple of years ago but the IBS I've had for over 40 years.

  7. Frackie11382

    Frackie11382 New Member

    I think that we should just rename FMS to IES! Irritable Everything Syndrome. I think that describes things pretty well. I tell my boyfriend that one all the time and it always gets a laugh out of him. Thanks for all the replies!

    Friends in Fibro,

  8. kmelodyg

    kmelodyg New Member

    I am constipated all the time and I have trouble urinating. Sometimes I have to run my hands under cold water to start to pee! I also can't pee in public bathrooms when other people are in there! Is that wierd or what?
  9. heath81

    heath81 New Member

    i have chronic yeast infections i cant seem to get rid of them ive almost given up and learned to deal with it. I also have irritable bowels that i cant seem to fix
    if you have any suggestions on how to get rid of this stuff please let me know
  10. healing

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    I have reactive arthritis and candida along with FMS. I know that candida can cause chronic sinus infections as well as affect bowels and bladder, so perhaps taking care of the candida will help your other afflictions. There's lots of info on this forum about candida, and you can do a search using the box at the top of the screen. Candida is tough but it is something you can control successfully through diet and medications.

    It seems most of us do have related problems like IBS (although thankfully I don't have that), Crohn's, etc.

  11. lumediluna

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  12. Fibromiester

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    You are my Twin! The candida is a bit%# !! I've had FM for years, and been battling candida for months! I tried the herbs, am doing the diet, and have finally convinced my Dr. to give me the anti-fungal meds. I think I'm doing better..
    You have a Wonderful Boyfriend!
    We also have a Candida Board, where those of "us" share... go to top of page, click on "message boards", and you'll see Candida listed- click on it, and Voila!
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