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    Hi, I'm not feeling well (surprise?) and I've looked around a little on the board but I was hoping someone could post for me a quick summary of the valtrex protocol -- how many grams a day for how long and whose protocol this is and where I might quickly read about the basics.

    I'm just collapsing right now.

    Thanks for the support.
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    i'm on 1 gram/day, prescribed by Dr. Montoya. after i finished valcyte treatment, i started on valtrex.

    i haven't noticed any bad effects from the valtrex (i sure noticed plenty from the valcyte) and am doing pretty well at the moment. i'm very weak and depleted, but don't crash into that ill and toxic state i got into in my 5+ months on the valcyte.

    good luck to you- i hope things improve- best, sascha
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    I have had CFS for 10 to 12 years, but it has only been the last 1 year that I have been determined to treat it.

    After some research and blood tests that I asked my doctor to order for me, I found I had extremely high antibodies for EBV and one other Herpes virus. My doctor decided to try a prescription of Valtex 500 mg x 2 a day.

    The first four days were awful, I had pretty bad die off reactions. I was really spaced out, depressed, and felt somewhat achy and flu like. After that four days, my symptoms dramatically improved, and I had significantly greater concentration and clarity of mind than I had ever had in the past 4 to 5 years.

    3 months later, when I ran out of the prescription for a week, I noticed that my symptoms had slowly gotten worse, and then I went through another brief die-off period before my smptoms again greatly improved.

    I believe that Valtrex is a significant part of my treatment of CFS (I am also dealing with other things like endocrine issues, lyme disease, and insomnia). I am not sure how long though I will need to continue to take it. I have been taking it now for 6 months. I have never had any toxic reactions from it.

    Possibly you would be able to read about Valtrex protocols by entering dr joseph brewer of dr montoya in a search engine.

    Good Luck.
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    just a few questions on your posts -

    bobc298 - that's astonishing that you felt so much better after just 4 days on Valtrex, I'm very happy for you! I've read that happen a few other times, but mainly it seems that people have had to take it for long periods of time (6 mo - 1 year or more) to start feeling a difference. I'm confused why such different response times. After the first four days you had taken it for 3 months, did you feel continually better over that 3 months or was it the same after the initial 4 days?

    jam338 - if you don't mind answering, just curious which insurance company you have?

    good luck on your journey louisek, I'm hoping to start Valtrex soon myself.

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    I am on acyclovir (closest to valtrex)

    I felt better by the third or fourth day. Never had a bad day of symptoms on them.

    I have to stay on them or it all comes back.

    I am currently on 1000mg per day but have been as high as 1200mg per day.

    I was on Valtrex a couple of times - once at 3 grams per day. Same thing - better by third or fourth day.

    DOn't be confused with Valcyte or Famvir. Valcyte has terrible side effects so that may be why you are surprised.

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    Marti - that's good to hear, can I ask what you are being treated for? EBV?
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    I've been looking for your posts but haven't found any since July 24. I hope you are OK. Please respond and say hello.
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    just curious - hoping it may have been my insurance company but it sounds like yours is pretty specific to your work.
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    bob...great news! your valtrex post gave me hope.

    louisek....dr. a. mertin lerner, the most experienced doctor in the use of antivirals for CFS, uses a higher dose of valtrex...1 g 4 times a day. i think he determines the dose by the weight of the person.

    good luck