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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 69mach1, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. 69mach1

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    today was math only...they sure do things differently now than in the 80's...we have lecture then a math lab on computers...so strange to me...then at one time we maybe able to use calculators...

    we always had to use our brains back then...

    m tired...i have reading i need to do...but i think i will get the hang of going back to school after so many years...

  2. jjdg

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    i'm doing a math class now and if you think they are doing things differently in the 80's i haven't been in school for 41 years!! as i was doing some of the assessment testing they showed how to do a problem that was so hard for me to grasp,when i did it the way i had learned all those years ago it was so much easier,no wonder kids aren't having easy times learning the stuff.Good luck with your classes
  3. jenemc

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    what classes are you taking? i'm doing online...i would have to drive and its not easy anymore..the drive is 110 miles round trip... love my online classes..i enjoy the classes n i did drive..but have found it easier on me to do them online..

    hope you enjoy your classes...

  4. 1975jet

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    I will also be taking math(algebra)- they already dropped one of my classes on me and I have to re-place with another one. I wanted to wait to take math next semester but I am going to try and get that over with. I can imagine the change- this will be interesting. You will do fine- it has got to be tiring - do you go everyday? I will be going M,W& F- about 4 hours-that is alot but I had to at least have 12 credit hours for my aids.

    Get rest, be well and we are rooting for you.