QuickQuiz: Pictures -- Game 4

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  1. ConfusedInPA

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    Well, the pictures don't seem to be doing all that well, in terms of guesses. (But they are getting a lot of views!) I may have to retire the pictures games.

    I'll give it one more try!

    GUESS THIS PIC! What are these??



    Good luck! Diane :)
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  2. bct

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    These appear to be Japanese dishes with box; maybe for tea ceremony or lunchbox?

    Barry o_O
  3. rockgor

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    Items from a Japanese lunchbox. I consider myself an expert on all things Japanese
    as I once worked as a law clerk for a Japanese law firm. Just looked on the net. The
    firm now has a different name, is part of a firm with offices in several cities, and none
    of the attorneys I worked with are employed at the new place. I don't know how
    they can say it's the same firm.

    One of the attorneys at the firm became a Judge back in the 70s. I see he has now
    retired. He was on one of our Appellate Courts. His surname was Lui. Too short
    to be Japanese. Clearly Chinese.

    The firm was located in the same skyscraper as the Otani Hotel in Little Tokyo right
    next to a Benihana restaurant. Perhaps you have been to one. There are some in
    PA. Despite working in Little Tokyo and living with Gordon who is Chinese, I
    have never mastered the art of chopsticking. Gordon can pick up a pork chop
    or a single grain of rice with his.


    "Well, Land O Goshen! The board, or my computer, just froze up. How does one say
    Dang it!" in Japanese? I ignored it for a few minutes. Seems to have healed up.

    Hi Barry.
  4. ConfusedInPA

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    LOL, Rock -- How DOES one say "dang it" in Japanese?? :)

    OK, Barry and Rock, y'all got the Japanese part correct.

    Now, according to Wiki --

    The pic is of SAKE CUPS! What threw me was the wooden one!

    The Wiki site says -- "Sake can be served in a wide variety of cups; here is a sakazuki (a flat, saucer-like cup), an ochoko (a small, cylindrical cup), and a masu (a wooden, box-like cup).


    I've eaten in small "mom & pop" Japanese restaurants, as well as the larger chain restaurants. I like the soup, and the salad. But I don't like sushi. Tried it, don't enjoy it.

    I prefer the Hibachi-style entrees.

    And I've never tasted sake (either room temperature or heated). Might be something for my "bucket list". :)

    I'm having difficulty finding pics, that are not copyrighted. And using my picture editor. So I need to take a break from posting the pics for a bit. Anyone else -- feel free to post a picture game!

    I've gotten thirsty for a cup of tea.



  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Diane

    I've tasted sake, but I can't remember what it tastes like. Doesn't really matter. I
    don't drink any wine. To me they're all just forms of overpriced vinegar.

    The only word I learned working in Little Tokyo was "arigato"; thank you. My
    boss was a few years younger than I and right outta law school. I had been an
    adjuster for several years. I trained him. He was born in Manzanar, the
    internment camps for the Japanese during WWII. Just did a quick search
    to see if he was still alive. Can't find him listed as a CA attorney. He'd be
    about 70 now. Nice fellow.

    Manzanar was a black mark in American history. Most of the people imprisoned
    there were American citizens. They had no trial or due process of any kind. Many
    were fishermen. Their boats and various properties were stolen during the years
    they were in the camp.

    I don't care for sushi either. I like stuff well done. That sushi they serve
    might as well be raw.

    If I want to copy a picture, I've learned not to search for "orchid pictures"
    for example. Every pic that comes up is protected; cannot be copied. I
    just search for "blooming orchid" for example. Usually find a pic that will
    allow copying. This is our old friend the cattleya or prom orchid. I'll have
    to try and find an interesting pic to post for the game.