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    OK, it's word scramble time!

    How many words -- THREE LETTERS OR MORE --

    can you find in this SCRAMBLED word:


    There are lots of answers, from three letter words, to TWO six-letter words.


    Enjoy! :cool:

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    Good one, Diane. Can't stay. Gotta dash.

  4. gb66

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    Here's another word to unscramble:

    M A K B O R S O K
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    Hi GB and Patti

    Looks like you guys pretty much covered the field. Found a few though.

    MAKO (as in shark)
    RAMBO (as in film series). It's also a surname and a place name. There's a Rambo
    village in Sweden. Ja, you betcha.

    BORK is another surname. Robert Bork was a professor, judge, and
    Solicitor General. Played a role in the Watergate saga.

    I also found BORSO, another surname. I have a recording of AIDA from the early
    50s. The tenor is Umberto Borso. Great name. Great voice too. You can hear an
    excerpt on Youtube with the American Soprano Mary Curtis Verna.

  8. gb66

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    Good ones Patti and Rock!

    How about:

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  9. rockgor

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    Well, Land O Goshen, GB. You found even more.

    Anydobby say "Moos"?
    There are a couple fictional characters. Mork was from Ork.
    And Romeo and Juliet had a Queen Mab.

    Kob. Robert Ardrey wrote about the kob in his best seller "Territorial
    Imperative" half a century ago. The kob is an African antelope.


    Possible future games: Songs about antelopes. Well, I'm sure we can all think
    of one. The same song mentioned other herbivores as well.

    A song about fat girls. (Arthur Godfrey hit.) A songs about hillbilly
    feuds. Dorthy Shay, the Park Avenue hillbilly, recorded one. A songs about
    swim suits. There was a colorful one when I was a teen. There's even
    a song about expensive funerals at Forest Lawn. (Tom Paxton).
  10. hangininthere

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    Yep, there's no 'moos' or 'mooing' or 'mooed'.

    It must be one of those words that mimics a noise, I forget what someone here called those type of words.

    Such as there is no 'clucking' or 'clucked', as far as I can see on Webster dictionary.

    So I couldn't say "I heard a lot of cows mooing." I'd have to say I heard the herd lowing.

  11. gb66

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    Okay Rock, I'm curious. What's the song about expensive funerals at Forest Lawn. :)

    How about songs about coconut trees, pomegranates, big feet, and mares?
  12. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Good one Patti, heard the herd lowing. :)
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey, Kids!

    Onomatopoeia. Mrs. Ingersoll taught us that in 9th grade English. Best teacher we
    ever had.

    Arf! Fizz. Sigh. Yuck! Squawk! Moan. Moo. Slam!

    The Forest Lawn song is on Youtube. You can hear it sung by Tom Paxton who
    wrote it or John Denver, et. al. Here in LA we are lucky. We have two Forest Lawns.
    One in LA and one in Glendale (a suburb).

    There's a Coconut Tree song on Youtube also. But the one I remember from my
    yute was sung by Merv Griffen: I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts.

    Don't remember any song about big feet, but Fats Waller wrote one. Same guy
    what wrote Huneysuckle Rose. "Mares" may refer to Mairzy Doats, another hit
    from my childhood.
    Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
    A kiddley divey too, Wouldn't you?"
    Don't know any pomegranate songs, but in the Book Song of Solomon there are references to
    pomegrantes, apples, oranges, etc.

    The little boy who grew up to be a director was Ronnie Howard. Same guy what
    recently sold his estate for 28 million smackers. (Smack! Another word for our

    For those who yearn for classy antics,
    You can't beat some good semantics.

  14. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Pomegranates are in the song "Come On-A My House" by Rosemary Clooney.

    Big Feet are in the song by Fats Waller, "Your Feets Too Big"

    The Mare is in Mare's eat oats/Mairzy doats, as Rock said. And the Coconut song is also right. Coconut trees are also in "Aba Daba Honeymoon" sung by Debbie Reynolds.

    This might make an interesting game, to post a strange word or subject and see if we can find a song to match. (Boy, I must be desperate for distractions!) :) GB
  15. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    There is a song about coming down from the bananatree but it's a Dutch one.

    Kom uit die bananenboom.
  16. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Everybody, see if you can find songs about these subjects:

    The Mambo

    A Dragon


    A Ballerina

    C. B.Radios
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Gang

    Papa Loves Mambo. Dean Martin recorded it.

    Puff the Magic Dragon. Peter, Paul and you know who.

    Golden Earrings is a torchy sorta number. Also the name of a Marlene
    Dietrich movie back in my yute.

    I think there's a song that goes, "Dance, Ballerina, Dance. "Music Box
    Dancer" is a cheerful tune from about 40 years ago. One of those
    ice cream trucks plays it all day long. Either that or Pop Goes the
    Weasel. Howja'd like to have that job?

    "Convoy" was a Kris Kristofferson movie in the 70s. There's a novelty tune
    therein with some guy talking. Sounds like a big guy who drinks a lotta beer.

    See if I can think of any puzzlers.
  18. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Well Rock, You aced it this time! Those were the ones I had in mind. 10-4 Good Buddy! GB
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi GB, I remember an "Are You Being Served?" episode about CB radios. Gee, I
    haven't watched any of them for a long time. Pretty funny. Although it's hard
    to beat "Fawlty Towers".

    I didn't think of any quiz questions. But I thought of a lotta things. And then when I
    searched I found there were songs regarding same. I was amaziated.

    To wit: Lonely Feet. Despite the pedestrian title, a very nice song. I have a recording
    of it by Kitty Carlisle Hart. Written by the guy what composed "Showboat".

    And I found songs for all these things: scarf, trumpet player,
    candle, padlock, gold fish, warthog, rubber band, BB gun, pitchfork, doorstop,
    juggler, vacuum cleaner. Mind you, I don't say they were good songs, but still...

    OK, a song from my teen years referred to a high school ring. About the same time
    a song listed several items: curtains, dishes, a double boiler, and a gray mackinaw. Hint: song was from a popular Broadway show. And an old song revived when I
    was in college mentioned "pearly teeth". (We're talkin' half a century ago. The two
    songs were number one hits and the B'way Show was a big hit and then a movie.)

    Over and out

  20. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Ballerina girlllll you are so lovely... lionel richie I think...

    Yep :p