Quit AMBIEN and feel better?

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    After reading posts here, I got to thinking that I am sick of how my 5 mgs of ambien isn't doing it for me.

    First I would take it and couldn't fall asleep for hours...then, after being awake half the night, I could sleep like a baby during the morning hours and into the afternoon. I wanted to stop taking it since it was a low dose and try going with some natural things like melatonin and maybe the fibro sleep.

    the first night I skipped it i was up all night and the next day felt like sh!t...i was actually going through WITHDRAWAL!!! i had the jitters and chills and the runs...sorry.

    I stuck with it and haven't taken it in a week....i have also been awake all night for 5 nights. but I am starting to feel sleepy at night so I think it will get better because....drumroll, please......I HAVE BEEN FEELING BETTER ALL OVER! hopefully, i can be more active becasue I feel more motivated to get up and move. i don't understand it and it might be from it being summer but i feel so clear headed and I feel lighter like i can move freely with less stiffness and clumsiness....

    i haven't taken any phentermine or adderall during this time....so I am feeling better without pharmacutical help! (snicker...)

    anyone experience this after quitting ambien or other similiar sleep aid? not just the clear headed feeling but the ease of movement and the feeling of WANTING to get up and put in some laundry vs. being to lazy to get up and go to the bathroom....ya know?

    this is very strange and I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this?
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    I have taken a small dose of Ambien (I think 2.5 a night?) for quite a while. The problem (that I only realized after I stopped taking it about 2 months ago) was that it was absorbed slowly and stayed in my body for a long time. Longer than I needed it to.

    Like you, I suspect part of this 'more awake' feeling may be because of the summer. I wake up so early unless I wear a sleep mask. When we are up in New England (it will be July for me), I wake up naturally at about 4:30 in the morning -- tough to deal with when I don't get to sleep until midnight or after.

    The pain is pretty low these days (CFS is 90% of my symptoms, FM is light this year).

    Going off the Ambien started as an experiment for me, so I still have an almost-full prescription if I want to go back. But perhaps summer is the time for me to do without. I don't dra-a-a-a-a-ag as much during the day.

    The withdrawal you experienced sounds miserable. I didn't experience anything like that. I've kept up with sublingual melatonin about 30 minutes before I want to go to bed, though.
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    I definitely felt better after quitting Ambien than I did on it.....my sleep is extremely messed up, but even on the nights where I get almost no sleep I feel better the next day than I do on any of the sleep meds I have tried (& believe me, I do NOT feel good with almost no sleep)