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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lazy_Susan, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Lazy_Susan

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    Not sure if what I recently experienced has anything to do with fibro (although, I've been dx'ed with it 4 years ago) but aside from other symptoms, I was extremely dizzy for 4 days to the point where I just stayed in bed for two of those days. Just when I thought it was gone, I went to reach for something above my head and when I looked up, the room started spinning so I grabbed onto something as quick as I could when nearly fell over. My son--who is normally a loving, caring young man and has never criticized me--said, "Quit exaggerating, Mom". I was floored. Not only do I never exaggerate anything going on with me, I don't tell the half of it. I already know how it sounds to others--like I'm a hypochondriac--so I don't dare tell anyone what all I'm going through. I was very embarrassed and disappointed and all I could think is, if my own family doesn't believe me, I don't stand a chance with a doctor. No wonder I can't get any help from them. I feel like I've been sentenced to living in silence with this.
  2. dragon06

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    I am sorry your son said this to you. I am hoping he wasn't meaning to hurt you by it and just trying to lighten the situation.

    However don't let that discourage you from looking for a doctor. I have found myself a good team of doctors. You need to have a doctor when you have this dd. Keep in mind that doctors are more trained than your family. Try calling offices and ask if they treat patients with FM before actually making an appointment with any of them. But keep up the search and you will find one.

    And make sure when you do find a doctor that you don't hold anything back. Tell them everything so they can treat you properly.

    Also try telling your family exactly how you are feeling. Maybe they will be more receptive if they know exactly what you are going through. Try giving them the "Letter to Normals" to help them understand what you go through on a daily basis.
  3. Lazy_Susan

    Lazy_Susan New Member

    Thank you for the reply. No, I know he wasn't meaning to be hurtful but I could tell he meant it. He thought I was exaggerating. I think I started feeling a little more comfortable letting my family know more about what's going on with me just by not hiding when I'm in pain anymore and even though it still wasn't everything, it still sounded like too much to them.

    My last doc prescribed methadone for me but after a year and a half I decided I can't take that stuff anymore. I felt so toxic. I'll try what you suggested. Thank you for the advice.
  4. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    May I suggest a visit to a good website


    printing out the symptoms list and asking him to read it would be eye-opening. A gentle way to set him straight.



    Asking him to peruse this site will show the amount of research and also some other things that will validate your illness.

    He cannot refute these and then you can ask him for compassion and understanding to those he does not understand.

    Most young people are not understanding of physical issues since they are well and recover quickly from illness.

    He also needs to understand that he may be exactly where you are in the future, and take care of himself now.

    I feel for you, it would devastate me if my son said that as it is just the two of us.

  5. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Glad to see you back!

    It very hurtful when you get comments like these because you try so hard to hide things. It can be a catch22.

    Two weeks ago my daughter told me to quit crying and suck it up!!!!!! I knew she didn't mean it but it still hurt and pissed me off! Sometimes you wish people could live one day in your body so they would get it.

    My dizziness has increased alot this last year. Slow getting up and moving around. How has your blood pressure been? My has been low this past year..

    Keep reading these sites. I've learned alot and I thought I was educated having had thhis most of my life!

    Hang in there
  6. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    I may be off base here, but the authors of "could it be B12?" talk a lot about how dizziness could be a sign of B12 deficiency.

    just a thought.

    Yr son's reaction is disappointing, but it stems from ignorance and therefore is not worth wasting too much energy over.

    This is a very serious illness. I have CFS & I feel sure it raises one's risk for cancer and diabetes among other things.
    Nothing funny about that.

  7. Bluebottle

    Bluebottle New Member

    You had labrynthitis; there are tablets you can take when this starts & injections you can have if it's bad.I have had this since my illness started 20 years ago, & just found that I actually have Lyme disease & cryptostrongylus pulmoni worms.

    Your son should hope he never suffers from it, it's absolutely awful.
  8. Cinderbug

    Cinderbug New Member

    Please google : Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or
    (Benign Postural or Positional Vertigo)

    I have this off and on since the hurricanes of 2004. If the barametric pressure changes it comes back. It is very common and would explain the "room spinning".

    It happens when you turn your head up , or to either side.

    It is caused by a small calcium crystal in the inner ear being loose. Nothing to worry about, but VERY scarey till you know what it is.

    Just something you might want to check out!


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  9. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    people just get tired of dealing with you always having something wrong and that comment was more like wishful thinking that you are not really as sick as you seem. It is hard on others to see you suffer and how they react is not always,uh, proper.
  10. Lazy_Susan

    Lazy_Susan New Member

    I'm a little too scatter-brained to respond to all replies right now but I'll try to remember what I can.

    I've been getting vertigo off and on since '03. The first time, it was so severe I couldn't even move my eyes without causing the room to spin. That lasted about 24 hours. I've had small bouts of it since til last week when it got bad again. Not quite as bad as the first time, but darn close and it lasted 2 days--went away for one and returned for one more. My ears--no, more like my head--has been ringing ever since. I was told by an ENT doc it's probably inner ear but does this come with the fibro package? Or do you think it's just a separate problem? I don't want to blame everything on fibro if it's not.

    Thank you for all your replies. It's helping me to read a lot of these posts. I wish everyone well--if only an hour or day at a time.
  11. ruti

    ruti Member

    sometimes people don't see how bad the other feels. You are probably strong all the time and your son has gotten used to you handling things.

    You might have Vertigo. Go see an ear doctor.
    Vertigo has to do with small things in the ear that are moving ouut of their regular spot. Sometimes as a result of falling or getting a blow. It usually passes after a while. My husband had that a few times. It is scarry as you describe it but not serious.

    Of course need to check it is not someting else.
    At any rate you shoud see a doctor and not wait because of other's oppinion.
    Hope you feel better
  12. PatDLT

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    Wow, I did not think it was so common, but my son said pretty much the same thing. I was at my wits end and crying all day long. My husband did not know what to do and was getting stressed by my illness. He was telling our sons about it and my oldest called me and told me to stop stressing out his dad. I just cried even more. I know he did not mean it the way he said it, it was a reaction to his dad's stress and not really knowing what was going on. But it still hurts all the same.

    My two cents....I had my husband come with me to the doctor so the doctor could tell him what I had and what it did. When I told him, it did not make a difference. But, when the doctor told him, his attitude changed almost 100% from not wanting to believe it was as bad as I said it was to helping me in anyway he could. I sent my sons the "how to say it to your family note at the top of this board, and they understand it better too.

    I hope things get better for you.

  13. wcf

    wcf New Member

    Quit exaggerating. The only person who knows how sick I am is a friend I met through MEB.C.whom I've never met in person, only via phone and emails, and that is only because she has CFS as well. Nobody "gets it" unless they have it, and in my experience that goes for family and Docs especially. (my wife got the house, cars, bank accounts) So, I empathize and sympathize, my only remedy is to accept the isolation as part of the illness.

    On the vertigo, I've had it often, do believe it also is part of the illness. Antihistamines help.

    God bless.

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