R U active and at what price?

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  1. mrpain

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    I'm curious to know how many of you who have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, are able to be somewhat active at times, such as bowling or golfing?

    Obviously, we don't feel like it at times, and I'm sure some may never be able. But for those who in some ways are active from time to time, what is it like for you after the activity is over? Do you suffer for it? What kind of activity do you do, and for how long can you keep it up?

    My doctor wants me to be more active and do more exercises. When I'm having a good day, I might go hit a small bucket of golf balls at the range, but once I stop and get comfortable in my lazy boy back at home, it seems like the pain and aches start setting in immediately.

    It might even last a day or two, and sometimes I think it even sets me into a flare. Sounds ridiculous, but some of you know what I'm talking about....

  2. mom4three

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    am not able to anything like that. On my "good" days that are few and far between I can get some housework done and make a decent meal for the family. Some days I can take small walks.

    But for the most part I cannot do much and bowling and golfing well that would due me in I would never be able to recover from those activities..

    And yes as soon as I sit down I am instantly taken over with pain.

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  3. cookstove

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    I count it as a good day if I can do some housework, fix a good meal or get outside to do about an hours worth of work in the yard. Even going to a family gathering is work for me.

    I can bite the bullet and get through the activity and just as soon as I relax the pain hits big time. If I do not put limits on my activities this fun activity puts me into a flare that takes from one to three days to get over.

    I keep doing these things even when I know they will put me into a flare. What is life worth if we can not join with our loved ones and family for some fun filled days.

    When my health returns I am going to go back to my water arobics at the hospital pool. I will work out and keep moving but I will be in pain after every workout. It is so hard to be in a group like that and not push yourself like everyone else is doing.

  4. richa3csi

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    Hey...I am 22 and about two years ago i was consistantly exercising at a gym a few times a week, and i felt great, no low back pains ..not as much pain everywhere else.. it was still there. I just started out slow and then worked my way up at the gym. I just recently got hit by a car though, so not been to the gym in awhile. Luckily i was ok from the accident, but of course my body is still sore from it and not helping me to sit at home day in and out. I want to get back to the gym , because i know that it does help me. I hope u can find something that u can do in your life to be active ...good luck :)
  5. Shannonsparkles

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    I can't be active. Even sitting up in a wheelchair to go to the doctor lays me out for one to three weeks. If I try to cook, I have to lie on the floor suddenly, and I can't get up for 10-45 minutes. It's all relative, I suppose.

    It's up to you to figure out how to balance things so that the price doesn't get too high. Cookstove is right, we NEED to have fun and do the things we love if we are able. But it wouldn't be fun anymore to do it regularly to where you get sicker than you can tollerate. You would be able to do less and less if you push it to where you are always trying to recover.

    If your level of activity is making you worse to where you feel like you are not recovering completely, it would be good to tone it down. Maybe there is something lower-impact that you could enjoy, like taking a walk, or a swimming class. Or you could do your favorite activity for a shorter ammount of time.

    Your doctor may be pushing too hard. Remember his oath: First, do no harm. You should be able to strike a balance that lets you be moderately active, without making your health worse. Then the price of exercising would not be too high.

    P.S. I'm disabled and I would give just about anything to be able to do the things you are talking about doing. Please take good care of yourself!
    ((((love)))) Shannon
  6. jbennett2

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    I'd have to say that I'm pretty active. I try to walk at least 2 miles a day. When I'm forced to use my treadmill instead of walking outside, it's less.

    I also do Ai Chi (T'ai chi in a pool) twice a week. But that is by now means strenuous.

    I also mow my own lawn (push mower). However, with the new meds I'm on my legs have gotten weaker. My dh wants to hire it out, but I told him to at least let me try first because I really do enjoy being outside and getting the excercise at the same time. We'll see - it's growing fast!

    I don't trust him to mow it - the last time he did he mowed right over a tree we had planted! He also doesn't have the time or the inclination. He says "let it grow into a field, it's not important"!

    The price? Well, for the ordinary things, I very seldom suffer. Sometimes the backs of my legs get very sore if I'm climbing hills, but my legs are always sore and weak anyway. We'll see about the lawn mowing thing. If I try to do something totally different, using different muscles, then I do suffer.[This Message was Edited on 05/01/2006]
  7. mrpain

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    Flares can come at any time. My sleep doctor sent me to a specialist the other day which turned out to be a sports doctor type. His advice for me was to get in this exercise and aerobics class that he was recommending... He warned me that this was going to be very high energy and very tretuous exercising. (Is this guy nuts!!!!!!!) I would have been layed up for months if I had tried this... They just don't seem to get it...
  8. place

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    I do, I was just dx. But I can only do short (or long depending on where you are with the DD) bouts of walking or easy bike riding, about 40 minutes. And if I go shoping that day then I don't exercise. I use exercise to keep my days consistant in regaurds to energy and use. I were a pedometor to keep track.