R U around TES?

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  1. tandy

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    Just have wondered alot on how you are??I recall you had to see a specialist for possible IBS~Did you go yet??How'd ya make out?? here's hoping your doing better these days~
    :) Tracey
  2. tandy

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    Tes????r u on vacation? hello??
  3. tes

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    Sorry for the delay. I don't know whether I'm or going these days. My boys have had the chicken pox and it's wearing me out....oatmeal baths, calomine cream etc. It is tiring. Anyhow, I did see the specialist and I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done on Monday. We'll see what they have to say. They are doing biopsies from my colon and stomach, which is routine apparently. I also have heard that they can diagnose IBS through tissue exam. How are you doing? Weather here has been wonderful. It is real nice spending time outdoors. It almost makes you forget about the pain and problems. We have been trying to do alot with the boys. My husband has alot of time off this summer, which is great. An extra hand around the house sure is a bonus. How is the weather in New York? Boys are well??? I will await your response. Take care.

    By the way...thanks for your concern,

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    Hi Tes, I was thinking about you too, hope all is well and with the tests you had done they will give you some reason for this discomfort and be able to fix it or give you some medication for the pain. It has been a long time you have been waiting. I hope to hear from you soon. Hugs Mom3
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    I just got back today~ We went away for 5-6 days for a mini vacation!!!It was awsome!! Lake George area......lots&lots to do!!Boat cruise,shop,eat!!LOL We drove almost to the top of prospect mountain....then took the trail to the very top....hiking!! The most relaxing and beautiful part of our vacation was a horse drawn carraige ride thru the village and around the shores of the lake!!! The most tiring day was taking the boys to the great Escape, 6 flags!!! I sware my legs and ankles are peaking with pain!! The weather has been great here!!!mostly in the upper 80's&90's~
    Are the kids over the worse with the chicken pox???that really stinks!! I feel bad for them:( And in this heat to top it off?!! Did'nt they get the vaccine??(not that its 100% anyway~)
    I had those tests done also....the endoscopy and the colonoscopy,with biopsy.Yes...I believe the biopsy are routine. All came back well with me other than some hemeroids,and some imflammation. Thats when I got the IBS DX. and was told to increase fiber intake gradually,and eliminate problem foods.(easier said than done.....there are alot of problem foods!!) way to many~
    Was'nt the prep for that test terrible? I hated it!! made me so ill.The test itself was'nt bad,I was in La-la land. I recall starting to wake up during the procedure and I heard the Dr. order more whatever???I don't know what it was but I liked it!(made me feel NOTHING!)
    Better close for now....I"ve got sooooo much to catch up on!! Glad to hear your enjoying the summer!! I hope the kids are much better very quickly!!!lucky your hubby can be around more to help out~ Take care and be in touch.