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    Hi everyone I wondered if anyone could help me with my dilema,I was diagnosed with RA in 2008 .... at first I refused to take any of the drugs such as Methetrexate and Sulphasalazine because I was worried about long term damage to there organs etc because of it being a fairly toxic drug,however by 2010 I was forced to start Mx the pain is a lot better but the side effects of this drug are horrible I lose 2 days of my life every week because of extreme fatigue I just am so exhausted i can't do anything I just sleep all the time.
    I have noticed over the years since my diagnosis that anytime I have been on an anti-biotic for something else like a UTI or the like ( that was just an example) I have felt so much better not only do they clear up whatever the infection was at the time but as far as my RA is concerned during the course of the anti-biotics I'm almost like a new person they seem to help immensely with my RA symptoms and all the things it brings along with it such as the fatigue, I spoke to my Rheummy last year about this and asked if he would prescribe anti-biotics for me to help with the treatment of my RA and give me back my life,he refused saying it was not a recognised treatment for RA in the UK and would therefore be breaking the Law,I find this ludicrous I am the patient and I am the one suffering I am TELLING him what makes me feel 98% better yet he still refuses,my own GP cannot overrule what he says in my RA treatment therefore I feel lost and very frustrated knowing there is a treatment that will make me feel so much better but it's obstructed by my Rheummy simply because HE doesn't belive in it,he doesn't have RA I do so I should be the better judge of that,all he ever does is tell me to carry on with the Mx and see me again in 6 months,this is a terrible way to treat people who's lives are being made miserable by this disease,it is even more disheartening to know there is something there to help me the only thing stopping it is the person who is supposed to be there to make me feel better, this is not a "one off" observation it's something I've noticed over the past 4 years ..... I just finished a course of anti-biotics for a throat infection a couple of days ago the whole time I was taking them I felt so well even my mood was great because my RA had improved greatly too,I wasn't tired all the time,I didn't feel terrible in the morning I was sleeping better just everything was so much better,I hadn't had the constant nausea either,since finishing the course all my horrible RA symptoms have returned.
    Why do I need to suffer like this because my particular Rheumy doesn't believe in it and dismisses what I'm telling him.Where can I find a Doctor in Scotland who DOES treat RA with anti-biotics .....
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    I'm sorry you are in this situation and I empathize with your plight.

    It is very possible that the root cause of your symptoms is one or more bacterial infections considering that you feel so much better on antibiotics.

    It is possible that you really have RA and the cause is a bacteria such as mycoplasma or another bacteria.

    It is also possible that you have been misdiagnosed with RA and have something like Lyme arthritis which is caused by the borrelia bacteria (Lyme disease).

    Most Dr's are not Lyme literate and will dismiss Lyme as the cause of symptoms. Testing is often unreliable. There is a new culture test that is more accurate...


    You may want to go to lymenet.org, sign up for free and post your questions about antibiotics and your symptoms on the Medical Questions board. It is a very active board with lots of helpful people.

    You can even post on their "Seeking a Doctor" board asking for a Lyme literate MD in Scotland, to see if anyone knows of a LLMD who could evaluate you for Lyme.

    Here is some info about Lyme disease that you should read...look at the symptom list in the first link and look at the list of diagnoses that people can be misdiagnosed with near the end of the booklet in the first link:




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    Thank you so much for your reply,I will definately look into this also,I did not mention in my previous message that I contracted MRSA at work I am now unable to work but was employed with the NHS for 20 years I was perfectly fit and well up till then,it was very mild but about 1 year later I started having joint pain I still believe this is what triggered my RA I have asked my Rheummy and Doctor if this could have been a possible trigger and they both say NO .... my guess is they won't say it's possible incase I have intentions of suing,which I have on numerous occassions told then I am not interested in anything such I just want to feel better and have the proper treatment because IF it was the MRSA that triggered it then it would make sense as to why I feel better on anti-biotcs,but they refuse to address this as a possible trigger and dismiss the very thought of it.
    Thank You again for your time I will ask about Lyme next time I see my Rheummy or Doctor.
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    Take a look at this blog by a Lyme literate MD about RA and antibiotics:


    Don't expect your Rheumy or other Dr to know anything about Lyme...they are not LLMD's. They will maybe test you with an ELISA and get a negative result (as usual) and tell you that you absolutely do not have lyme....that is why so many people are undiagnosed.

    99% of Drs (including Rheumys) are not educated about the worthlessness of testing and the fact that Lyme is a clinical diagnosis. They will probably act like they know everything about lyme and dismiss your concerns.

    You have to do your own reading and research.