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    In 2001, I hiked in a very grassy area of northern CA. I felt some pain behind my knee right away after the hike. Five days later my daughter found an engorged tick. Several months later I experienced joint pain in may joints, sore throats, headaches, balance issues, reflux, sleeping problems, stiff and sore neck, painful feet and ankles. Long story short, my family doc did some tests (igenex) and the results showed indeterminate. I did finally see a LLMD and was treated for awhile. Thought I felt a little better, but my joint problems became so bad that I was referred to a Rheumatologist and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am now taking plaquenil, methotrexate, lodine, folic acid and supplements. Thought I was getting a little better, but the last few months I have gotten worse. I am told that Lyme Arthritis usually only involves a few joints, and I have many joints involved. Wondering if I did have Lyme, would the RA meds work against the Lyme. Methotrexate is an immune suppresant. HELP!! Susan
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    I suggest that you run your questions by your RA Doc and

    your Pharmacist. I think most of us here would be venturing

    only an "educated guess" at best. Better that you get some

    "real" professional advice, for what that's worth, hopefully.


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    The meds wouldn't work because you need something to kill the spirochete plus its usual 'company' - ticks carry much more than Lyme and it's more common to have Lyme with at least another infection- happily many of the abx that work on lyme work on these as well.

    It can involve a lot of joints. In my son, as an example, he had carpal tunnel in both wrists, both shoulders ached/gave him problems, his ankles, hips and knees... they didn't all ache equally, but they did ache.

    the problem is that it presents differently in each pt, which is why it's being called a bigger/smarter masquerader than its cousin, syphilis - they're both spirochetes and can go anywhere you're genetically susceptible. - this means it can cross the blood-brain barrier, and go intracellularly, even inside your white blood cells...

    You might want to consult an experienced LLMD and if s/he agrees, give some abx a trial run and see what happens... the tests are not reliable enough really, it is supposed to be a clinical dx even according to the CDC.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks so much for the response. The problem is finding a doc that recognizes "chronic Lyme." All RA docs that I have seen believe once Lyme is treated that you don't have it any more. . .and so the RA treatment begins. I was treated by a llmd for about six months and then referred to an RA MD because my joint pain became so severe. I did ok for about 9 months and now everything is worse. I have had a sore neck and headache for 3 weeks. I read about new interpretation of western blot testing, and, according to that, I certainly did test positive for Lyme. Thanks again, Susan

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