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  1. MY Rheumatoid arthritus test came back elevated,In one way I am happy that soemthing is showing up as to why I feel so bad.Just dont understand why I feel so rotten if its only arthritus,Will I be be able to get dissability based on that?I mean I feel like I can hardly work anymore,Also did anyone srart out as having arthritus andf than found out it was something more? I just dont think I should be feeling so bad fron arthritis alone,Ruthie
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    I "only" have FM, but know of several with both.

    I also now some with "only" RA. Yes I have heard of getting disability w/RA.

    Did your Rhuemy do any tender point checks to see if you may also have FM and or CFS? You can have all of them.

    Sometimes you can get misdiagnosed, but if you showed positive for Ra, then I think you have it, you just might also have other condition's as well.

    Next doctor's appt. lists all your symptom's and see what they say.

    There is no blood test for FM, so they have to touch areas around most joint points ( a little above)if you have tenderness in a least 11 of those areas you probably have FM. Muscle tightness, pain and tenderness is another major symptom. RA effect's the joint's, not muscles.

    Hope that help's you a little.:)

    best wishes,


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