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    I am only 23 years old and have been diagnosed with RA. I have severe pain in my right wrist, and it has really depressed me. I have always been into sports, but my love has been hindered. Any advice from anyone dealing with what I am that can help me? thanks
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    Welcome to the board.

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis at such a young age. Have you visited the
    arthritis board at this site? See" New to the boards" or "Select a board" above.

    You might also want to check out "Research, News and Articles" above.

    Good luck

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    what exactly are the symptoms? and how is it diagnosed?
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    Here are some links to on RA and symptoms, as well as other types of arthritis.



    I've had RA since I was a teen . It started in my feet and hands ,then knees ,elbows,then spine (after car accident) and now it's in my hips. Because it's in my spine I have great trouble walking.
    However the I also have a double scoliosis too and MCTD.
    RA sometime brings friends to the party. Such as Raynauds syndrome,IBD/crohn's,feltys, sorgens (sp?)syndrome, neuropathy,visions troubles ,lung and heart problems,vasculitis, tendinitis. Well the list is long of friends . =) However a lot of people get only a "mild" form of RA to start and it may stay "mild" for a long time . I use the term "mild RA" loosely as no RA is ever really mild.
    My symptoms right now"due to just the RA" are :
    joint pain and inflammation ,neuropathy , blurried vision,rashing,fatigue,headaches,hair loss, mild depression, lung problems,vasculitits tendonitis,dizziness

    I am on very little medications for RA due o allergies . But I do take vicodin as needed ,bacolfen (spinal problems ,vasculitis ) and other meds for other stuff.
    I use fore arm crutches for mobility ,a wheel chair when at the store and sometime a walker during bad flare ups . RA has affected my grip ,I can only walk or stand for about 5 mins.,sit for about 10 mins till the pain in over whelming. But again I 've had this for over 20 years now .
    My finger have just started to turn crooked but they aren't over lapping.
    We are all pretty different in symptoms . But the general stuff is the same.
    Joint inflammation , High ANA , high RF (but not always ) there are sero negative RA as I'm one of those people.
    The web links are very informative (more so than me). =)
  5. daylight

    daylight New Member

    Hi ,
    Welcome . Please feel free to ask all the questions you need too. Look forward to seeing your post on the Arthritis board. People there are very informed about RA and other forms of arthritis.

    Please don't think that you have to give up your sport because of the RA . There are some really good meds out there for pain and swelling that can keep you in the game for a very long time.=)

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