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    You responded a while back concerning your sleep study results and surgery query ... sorry I haven't gotten back sooner.

    As for what suppresses REM sleep , ... well the list is a big one. Some of the AD's are specifically designed to do just that because one of the hall marks of depression is increased REM sleep stage. Some will go straight into this stage and pretty much stay there. Not good, thus the suppresing effects of AD's.

    Tricyclic and SSRI's are at the top of the list. I'm not 100% certain of wellbutrin because of it's actions on dopamine. Cymbalta is a definate maybe ... espcecially if you are taking it at in hopes of improving sleep as well as pain levels.

    Many pain killers and muscle relaxers also suppress REM. You just need to google REM supressors and go from there.

    For me, it just was not worth the added pain, and mental stupidity associated with these drugs. What would make the average FM'er sleepy or dopey, will knock me on my but because of the effect on my already non-existant REM sleep cycle.

    I wish you well on your surgery decision. I should have mentioned that the removal of tonsils, adnoids and uvula are the same in "chronic, obstructive snoring" as is with the reasons your doctor described. The theory is the same, the "body parts" aren't necessary, may be causing ubstruction and removal may help the condition... whether snoring or air passage.

    Hope this helps, I'm sorry I didn't come forth with more specific rx'es to avoid. There are so many and I have no way of really knowing what your needs are and what's most important to you. For instance, I stopped taking the amino acid 5-HTP because it creates serotonin which will suppress REM.

    That amino acid has many benefits to it and the way it helped me with fibro headaches was amazing, yet, in the long run, it was making my overall health worse by suppressing REM.

    Confusing, but worth it once you decide what is important to you and how you want to treat your CFS/FM.

    Take care,

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    I asked doc day before yesterday if wellbutrin or cymbalta had the potential to reduce rem. He said not, but will also ask a new doc I see tomorrow.

    Based on what the sleep guys are telling me, on average I only stay asleep 1.5 minutes at a time. The timeframe is what's stopping me from going into rem and deep sleep. You have to go through sleep cycles in order, and since I wake more than every 2 minutes, I just don't have the time sleeping to progress to deeper levels of sleep.

    I totally understand evolution, and how its possible to have random left over bits that no longer have a function (tonsils, etc). I personally don't know that much about it, but they do have a function in terms of being a line of defense for germs and contaigens we breathe in, I believe. Also, my mother was the uberhippie, and she always swore there was a correlation between emphasema and having had tonsils out! I don't know if this is true or bunk, but either way it requires MUCH MORE research before I even consider letting them chop me open....The chances of me having an issue recovering is just too great to rush into it in my opinion.

    Thanks so much!

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