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    Sorry to hear you have troube sleeping too. My muscle relaxers finally kicked in and I went to bed and slept about four hours which is wonderful.
    As for the methotrexate, it is chemotherapy in a low dose. I have been taking it now about two months and have had very good relief from the pain and swelling in my joints but the side effects aren't too great. In the first I had a lot of nausea and diarrhea. My rheumy changed me from folic acid to another drug (can't remember the name right now) and it has taken the nausea away but not the diarrhea and the fatigue is not any better than before starting the methotrexate. If you enter the drug name in the search box you will find a lot of info about it. That is how I decided to go ahead and take it even though I was really scared to try something "poison". My rheumy says it slows the progression of the disease. I have RA along with FMS and OA. I had gotten to the point I couldn't get myself out of bed and felt like I really had nothing to lose by trying it. I don't know what the long term results will be but at least right now I can move on my own which is wonderful. Hope this info helped a little and thanks for responding to me in the "middle of the night".