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  1. Donna39

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    First of all I just want to say that I am sooooo happy that I found this site.I have really learned alot already.
    I would like to know if anyone has this happen,because this is the symptom that I don't understand,and also the one that causes me the most anxiety.It's start when I get all comfy and cozy and try to go to sleep at night.My heart will take off racing and this goes on for hours.It is very exhausting-because you feel like you have run a marathon without moving.I have looked up and know this is one of the symptoms of this DD,but I just can't figure out why it happens when I am trying to go to sleep.About about 3 nights of this I am totally drained.Does anyone have this happen?Or am I losing it? coo-coo
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    Hi Donna i find that when i started taking magnesium glycinate 3 times a day per my doctor that stopped my racing heart...don't know why got it but think because of magnesium deficiency due to malabsorption..

    i'm bumping this up so others may see your post and respond..

    take care crissy...
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    First Welcome you have come to a good pacae for info and support, after reading your post a couple of thoughts came into my mind, first the magnesium issues may be a factor, on the other hand many CFS/FM people struggle with anxity and depression, mind racing. You don't sound like your losing it to me. Afraid and worried yes crazy no. Have you talked to your doctor about your racing heart or palpiatations? You need to rule out physiological causes. If your doctor says that your hearts okay there are various ways you can go with this, that is up to you and what you feel comfotable with. Some people use anit-depressants or antianxiety meds at night for similiar symptoms others don't. Have you tried doing any slow deep breathing from the diaphram, this is important beacause it will bring in more oxygen and help to slow down your heatr rate if your experiencing anxiety, try picturing something that makes you calm or listening to soft non-lyrical music like Pacabelle or ocean noises something you can focus on. Anyways hope these suggestions help, most of us have experienced anxity or other strange weird symptoms. If you haven't checked in with your doctor do so to rule out any problems and check to see if he/she suggests anything for it. Keep us posted. Take Care.

  4. Kim

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    I've had palpitations and supraventricular tacycardia for years and it is finally under control, Praise God!

    The first thing you should do is tell your doctor so he/she can rule out heart-related things, thyroid related things, etc. Understand this: most palpitations, including fast beating rtythms are not dangerous.

    Cut out all caffeine and stimulants. Things like sudafed and many pain medications contain stimulants. Some antidepressants, particularily the tricyclics cause heart palpitations. Chocolate, tea, and coffee, also.

    Do not eat within four hours of going to bed. Acid reflux can stimulate the vagal nerve and cause heart palpitations. Eat all meals slowly and only eat foods that you aren't sensitive too. For example, I'm not allergic to tomatoes but they cause acid reflux and give me palpitations.

    Anxiety in itself can cause palpitations. Sleeping on your left side can cause palpitations. Dehydration and sodium/potassium inbalance can also.

    Magnesium is the best thing outside of beta blockers for palpitations. I take 1,200 mg a day plus a beta blocker (Sectral is the only beta blocker that has been clinically proven to control extra beats as well as fast rhythms).

    Hormonal fluctuations also can cause palpitations and so can fatigue.

    Things besides meds and supplements that I've found to help are daily exercise, meditation & prayer, deep breathing, and relaxing while my food digests.

    Best wishes.

  5. dolsgirl

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    Boy, do I feel for you! I posted within the past week of being awake with the pounding heart until 5AM. I was exhausted! It beats you up inside. It is part of the anxiety. It almost always comes for no reason that makes sense. This week, I do know why that happened. It was related to leaving a job and neither my husband nor I have another in sight. It's scary. It can happen for no reason. I took my antianxiety med twice that night without any relief. I tried the breathing and taking my mind off it. It is a tough one to call. It isn't constant though. Thank God for that. dolsgirl
  6. Hippen

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    I was feeling dehydrated and my heart was racing all the time....even when I was resting in bed. I had a metabolic panel test done and it showed that my potassium levels were low. Potassium regulates your heartbeat. I have continuous low potassium levels and they can't figure out why. I continue to take the prescription supplements on a daily basis. Hope this helps........Hippen
  7. elaine_p

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    (not mine, the others!) But I also found that when I cut out sugar I had a palpitations a lot less and they were less severe.
  8. Donna39

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    Just wanna say thanks for all the responses and helpful information.I have had every test there is,stress,eco card,ekg,cartoid artery etc.. I have also wore several different holter monitors and nothing would ever show up.Except for the one night that I had a real bad spell,so I hit the button that was suppose to alert the technicians monitoring the tapes and guess what? They docotrs had given me a bad recorder and it didn't take.Go figure.I have read some articles on fibro and the inappropriate release of stress hormones.It stated that(we) do not respond the same to stress as say someone normal.In other words..If you had a stressful day or event happen your stress-hormones would not release then like they should.They wait till all is quiet and calm,when nothing is happening and then it hits you like a bolt of lightning,heart-racing and you are in a panic because you know that your weren't doing anything to cause this.I do not have the heart palps with this like skipping or fluttering,just the fast heart rate.Does anyone have any comments about this theory?
  9. elaine_p

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    about my pulse feeling really strong, for no apparent reason, he kept asking "palpitations?" and I kept saying "no--more like tachycardia, but not so fast". My dad (a retired ob/gyn) seemed to agree with me. So I finally looked it up in the dictionary. The definition for palpitate is "to beat rapidly and strongly". So, I guess the doc is right and they *are* palpitations. My original definition must have come from the romances I read as a teen where the woman suffers from palpitations and I always thought meant fluttery....
  10. zestytx

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    Besides eliminating caffeine and other stimulants, try eliminating carbohydrates from enriched flour, like white bread, rolls, pastries, or even the "wheat"breads that are actually white bread with a little color added. Try cutting back on eating hamburgers when you eat out.. all that processed flour makes my hands hurt so bad.

    The breathing exercises are good advice also, as is getting to your doctor for a cardiac workup to be sure you have a benign condition, not something more serious.

    I know how you feel.. I get this from time to time. Monthly hormonal fluctuations can cause it, also.
  11. kooky

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    Hi Donna: however awful it may appears to you at the moment, don't worry. It will go away eventually. I use to have the same problems as you do. I would have palpitations sometimes for up to seven hours, and at times, it would go up to 150 bpm or rarely to 200. As others have advised you, you need to have tests done such an ECG, streadmill stress test and an echocardiogram and perhaps a thallium.
    There are ways you can alleviate the problem. Find out which position you are most comfortable either leaning forward while sitting down, or lying down or whatever. Swallow some ice, put ice all over the face and neck, control your breathing, do not panic, try to relax, and find the accupressure point inside the right arm.
    Avoid heavy meals, caffeine, carbs, hot showers, the heat, smoking or too many strong chemicals around you.
    Find out if you have any infections such as Coxsackie virus etc... which can cause these symptoms when re activated.

    If nothing is found, you may be prescribed beta-blockers. I was prescribed these but decided not take them. Occasionally, I do have palpitations but not daily and not as long lasting. However, I did speak to a CFS sufferer today and her palpitations have returned after 4 years or so. She is taking beta-blockers though.

    I do have other heart problems now but not palpitations. I have left ventricular dysfunction and mitral regurgitation. I am trying to find out what these are myself at present and what to do.

    Take care and good luck. Kooky.
  12. ssMarilyn

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    I used to suffer from the same thing, but it suddenly stopped. It happened during a real stressful period of my life, beginning with 9/11. I would be fine all day, go to bed to watch some good sitcoms, and my heart would speed up. I guess that when we go to bed, that's when our stress starts to surface. In any case, I'm sure yours will eventually pass. I would think that if it was a real medical problem, it would bother you up also. Magnesium is nature's relaxant. It not only relaxes the airways, it also relaxes the arteries going to the heart so that they don't spasm and cause sudden cardiac death. Do you take magnesium now? If not, you should start and you would probably see an improvement in a couple of weeks or so.

    Marilyn :)
  13. Sherry

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    Donna, I'm always scared because my heart does'nt beat right. I had it checked and everything was normal except it showed it goes fast. It started years ago when I had severe gastric trouble. I had so much acid and gas in my chest my heart was always beating around 120 to 130. Now that I developed fibromyalgia my heartbeat is worse. I have alot of symptoms from the fibro and my heart is alway beating strange and even though I'm underweight I'm out of breath. Fluttering, jumping and around beating 130-140. I'm constantly worried I'm going to have a heart attack.