racing heart in am?

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    Hi,I am pretty much one of the lurkers, I have posted a couple of times, but mainly look for the great information you all have to offer. I have had fibro since 1992 and since moving to fla. no body here believes in it. Not my husband or my friends, and especially not my docs. The only med i am on is xanax for panic attacks, I am sensitive to alot of meds. Anyways my questions are do any of you have a racing sometimes pounding heart when you get up in the a.m. and do you ever get the constriction from the front to the back of your chest at about the ribcage to where it is hard to breathe? Also on my arms, wrists, and fingers the blood vessels swell up, what a sight!! And my docs have no clue what that is. Any advice would surely be greatful. The fibro has gotten worse along with alot of myofascia? Thanks to a great group of people. Jo
    P.S. My heart has been checked out, but I do have low BP, anywhere from 80/58 to 112/70[This Message was Edited on 07/31/2003]
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    Wow, I can't believe you're doing as well as you are without a support system that you deserve to have. You could start a support group called "The Former Lurkers". I'm sorry I didn't mean to make light of your situation, I'm a bit of a lurker from time to time as well.
    Back to racing, Just about every morning or really anytime of the day when I think about what I "should" do ,compared to what I likley "can" do, my heart really starts revving -up, and it's off to the races. I also take xanax (along with a varied assortment of other meds.)
    At least until the drugs kick in. I also get the sweats so bad that clothes become an obstacle which also causes my heart to race. I wonder if your mood also changes "at the race?"
    I get antzy, hyper and very BBB-itchy.
    Do you ever go ahead into a full blown "Panic Attack"?
    I have, too many times!! But, that doesn't happen as often since I have become single..AGAIN. (Which is probably why I am Single again. :(....)
    So Jo, why won't your husband believe in your illness?
    Has he done any reading on the subject? Is he typically a commpassionate person, about other types of illnesses? Or is He one of those guys that only believe in what they can actually see, like a cast or an eye patch? (If so, maybe you should just once losely wrap an ace bandage all over your body- where ever you hurt...... hummm that would be quite a visual aid to prove your point?)
    The tightening you speak of beginning in the front and wrapping around in back may be muscle spasms that are reffering around your chest. Those muscles are rather large and when they spasm (as mine have) it most certainly has constricted the airflow to the point of just being able to take tiny little breaths until the spasm stops, returning my range to normal again. I usually am sore for days after one of those nasty spasms.
    I don't swell-up in the vessels tho, but it feel like I do and like they throb until it hurts terribly. Has a Doctor ever seen you in this condition? I would worry about that. It's like some kind of blockage or possibly swelling of the veins themselves.
    Jo, you really should get that looked at by a Doctor that does understand that FM is a Real disease. Call around and ask who treats FM people and hopefully you can start waking up your husband and introducing him to whom you have become.
    People like that (including my family and ex's) really piss me off. oooooooooh the nerve!
    I hope things get better for you, don't stop lurking. Maybe we'll bump into eachother again.
    Take Care Of Yourself! & Find that Doctor!
    DNDORIGINAL (boy, did I ramble again!)
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    I too experience the rapid, pounding heart beat especially during a bad flare up. My pulse rate is very high and every time they take my blood pressure at the doctor's office, they ask me if I'm nervous. I tell them that that's how my pulse rate is normally. I'd been to a cardiologist, who couldn't find anything wrong with my heart.

    I also experience the tightness in the chest to the point where I can't breath properly. Even walking ten feet, I feel out of breath. It feels like someone is pushing against my chest as hard as they can!! It can be quite scary and very uncomfortable and painful at times. What I do is just try to take deep, long breaths. Even though this is very uncomfortable, because it hurts to breathe too deeply, it does seem to help relieve the pain and tightening somewhat.

    I can definitely understand how this can lead to panic attacks. The slow, deep breathing, however, counteracts the symptoms of a panic atttack and helps you to calm down and relax.
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    What part of Florida are you residing? I live in South Florida and have found a great rheumotologist in North Miami. If you are not located in that area, then post another message asking about good doctors in your area. Also, you mention that your husband doesn't believe that FM is a real condition. I'm so sorry that you aren't receiving the love and support you need, but it's important that your husband understands what you are going through. There's a great book called What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia. Not only does it describe a treatment that has been effective for some people with FM, it also gives an excellent description of the symptoms and how it effects people with FM physically and emotionally. I think that would be a good book for you and your husband to read. It seems like your husband needs a lot of education on FM. Even coming to the board and reading some of the messages will help to change his beliefs on FM. Take care and know that you can find love and support right here from people who truly understand what you are going through.
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    I used to get this racing heart thing when I first got up in the morning, and discovered it was from being dehyrated. No water since the night before. I now down a whole bottle of water when I get up and haven't had the racing heart since.

    Marilyn :)
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    I wish i would have started using this a long time ago. Yes I do get hyper and antsy when my heart starts to race. Panic attacks, boy do I ever. They are so scary. As for my blood vessels, they usually come out when I am in alot of pain, its like they are being compressed? Does that make any sense? My husband is the kind of guy where yes you have to see it to believe it. He has read and like my doc once told me "I am a hyponchondriac and that is why insurance is as high as it is". But he really is a nice guy. Again, it is really nice to be able to talk to someone and not be put off or told that it is psychological.I am not a hypochondriac, everything that is going on with me and the PAIN is all real.