Racing pulse raised blood pressure

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by loopyloo, May 14, 2003.

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    I have been to the doctors today my blood pressure is still very high and my pulse he said is racing very fast he said i am very anxious and must calm down, loose weight and relax more, but it is because of this dd that i feel like this, i cannot understand that one day i cannot walk, talk properly,consentrate, or even lift my head up and have to sleep so long as totally exhausted and my muscles hurt so much, and i dont seem to have any good days any more,only bad or worse, is it normal with this dd to have a racing pulse, and does any one know is rumatism the old name for Fibromialgia as i am very confused i was diagnosed with Asthma from age 2,Rheumatism 5 years ago, ME/CFS last September and yesterday i read on a leaflet that Fibromyalgia's original description as "Rheumatism with hard and tender places"has certainly been forgotten.
    I was on a write up about Guaifinicen feb 10th 2003 so does this mean as i thought i have FM as well.
    Loopyloo xxx
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    Hi Loopyloo,
    I have a racing heartbeat and was put on Ziac to lower it. This drug is a beta blocker and a side effect of it is that it lowers one's pulse. That is not a good think for
    normal people, but for me and my racing heart, I need it. Racing heart is a symptom of FMS, from what I have
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    I was put on blood pressure medicine about 8 months ago. Even with the BP meds my pressure will sometimes measure 140/100 with a pulse of 98. I was told that my high BP and pulse may be related to/caused by the FM and the stress of living with daily pain.
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    thanks for all your comments still not to good
    Loopyloo xx