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  1. Aeryn

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    Hi Rebecca,

    I am wondering if you can help me out.

    I am going to ask my doctor to put me on a low dose of Trazodone and Ambien to help me sleep.

    I only had a couple of days' pills to try it, but my feeling is that the Traz (50mgs) helped the quality of what sleep I got even though I kept waking up.

    Ambien keeps me down for the night but does nothing for the quality of my sleep.

    On the advice of the board, I tried 5 mgs of Ambien and 25 mgs of Traz (all I had left) and slept well, but I didn't feel "chipper." Better than usual, but not this feeling "refreshed" I hear so much about.

    My question is this: I want to try the lowest dose possible first, but is 25mg of Traz pharmaceutically enough to actually effect my delta sleep?

    Should I just ask for 50 mgs instead? I guess I wonder if I need to be sleeping well for a week or so before I would really feel any difference anyway?

    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge, Aeryn

  2. Aeryn

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    Thanks that helps me for my conversation with the doc tomorrow. You are a big help! Aeryn