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    Good morning,
    I live in the Cleveland area and I am DIFFENTLY in need of a new good rummy. The last time I was at her office was the last time. Why am I paying her to push on some trigger points (which hurts) and say you have FM. Tells me not to take the pain meds. because they are addictive. She does not have the pain we all live with. My internist is the one that found DD after every test possible. He is actually the one I go to if I need. He does have me on Vicodien for pain, I don't take it all of the time and effexor for depression. (it is to help with the pain also) But if your Dr. is at the clinic I will definately go there if you think he is good! Please get back to me with a name and #. I surely would appreciate it.
    Thanks for your help ahead of time,