Radiation in Coral Calcium

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    I don't want to discuss the merits or advantages of Coral Calcium here, or discuss the multiple promises of cures for various diseases.

    My question is simple. Have any independent studies been done on the possibility of coral calcim and whether or not it contains quantities of Lead, or Radiation?

    I did a Google search on this, but all I got were "testimonials" from someone's mother's neighbor's aunt. I did find a cautionary note about buying from reputable companies, that some of the CC actually contained Florida beach sand or agri fertilizer.
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    I really appreciated your post. I've heard it said that the calcium that is "harvested" is no longer needed by the ecosystem and there for the taking.

    I don't buy it - double meaning there.

    Had no idea we were neighbors. I'm up in Oceanside. I am thrilled that someone as balanced as you is conducting training about the local sealife. I moved here as a child and still remember my oceanography teacher. I remember everything he taught us during one day on a field trip to Fletcher's Cove. Unfortunately, there are not nearly as many shells on the beach as there were back then. Fortunately, great big globs of oil and tar no longer stain our feet.

    Peace and blessings to you.