RADICULOPATHY == 1 Year Later & Still Burning Pain in Feet

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  1. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hi all,

    I am back at the exact same place I was 1 year ago with the horrific burning pain on the "soles of my feet".

    Unfortunately, I still have not found any type of help.

    My world has become smaller than I even imagined possible.

    Yes, this year long journey has been tremendously discouraging. Yet I know some type of "treatment" or possible medication must be out there.

    Continually having your "quality of life" (as you all know) compromised all of the time, it does drain you even more.

    I saw a "Foot Specialist" and he ordered testing for NCV / EMG.

    I see a Neurologist in 1 month. Hopefully he will be able to conduct the testing at the time of our "Initial Consultation".

    His notation on the script / referral is ......... Lumbar Radiculopathy.

    I've become more Disabled due to this and I am searching for answers.

    Please, if anyone has some information they could share with me I would greatly appreciate it.

    == Elaine
  2. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Hi Elaine,

    My Spine X-rays and MRI results revealed very serious issues
    with my Lumbar Spine.

    I have 6 Lumbar Vertebrae (not 5) and at that spot
    I have severe Stenosis with nerve enchroacment as well as at
    L3/L4/L5, along with advanced Spondyloarthropathy
    and Radiculopathy; enough to limit my work
    activities. I also have DDD, a torn anulus and severe
    constiction of my dural sac. L4/L5 I have a disc protrusion
    and lordosis.

    My left foot has sharp stapping pain underneath and it never
    stops having a vibrating feeling. I get cramps frequently and
    also failed the reflex test; have Babinski reflex. The burning pain
    comes and goes.

    I had an MRI in 2000, 2006 and 2012. The most recent one
    indicates serious progression.

    Three doctors attribute my lumbar spine issues to my
    urine frequency and urgency, too.

    I continue to work and know my limitations; can't turn at the
    waist, stand very long, sit very long, walk very long, lift (never),
    and can never sit up straight without excruciating pain.

    My first visit to a Rheumatologist on Monday was nothing short
    of a miracle. He was the third doctor to confirm my FMS, but
    he also had major concerns about my back.

    He put injections in both of my TENDER POINTS in my upper butt.
    I saw the needles, and not being afraid of needles, I couldn't imagine
    them going anywhere into my body. I was beneath an ultrasound
    machine when he inserted the needles. The first one went
    into my left tp and it wasn't bad at all. The next was horrible.
    The pain was barely tolerable. When I returned to work I
    put an ice pack on the one that hurt, to freeze it and it helped.
    The pain was not only in the tp, it went from that spot all the
    way down my leg to my toes.

    Well, he said I'd love him or hate him for doing this, and as it
    turns out I LOVE HIM!! For years I haven't had relief, and within
    one day, I could stand up straight. That excruciating pain is
    gone. My left foot has slight vibrations, yet and my Cervicle
    spine is still causing me problems, but the lumbar region and
    the radiating pain associated with my issues there have
    lessened so much and warrant no complaints. I'm not sure
    why he chose the tender points, but perhaps it's because he's
    a specialist for 44 years and figured it would help me.

    I hope the injections last, but if they don't, I'll have them
    as often as he'll give them to me. I see him again on
    August 7th. I am going to beg for these injections in the tp's
    in my neck . . don't even know if he'll do them there, but
    I'm going to ask.

    I wrote a bit too much and apologize. I certainly sympathize
    with your inability to function and hope you'll find relief like
    I did.

    NOTE: My Neuo prescribed meds that I will not take and my
    Physiatrist did an EMG on my left lower limbs that was normal.

    Take care,
  3. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member


    I cannot even begin to express how THRILLED I am to read your reply to my message.

    Oh my Gosh ….. so there is Treatment & certainly is hope!!

    I have been dealing with this for 2 years now and I have had to give up almost anything and everything that I use to be able to do to just make it through each day.

    Exactly 1 year ago I was in the Emergency Room, after collapsing at my doctor’s office due to the BURNING, horrific pain in my feet, legs, knees.

    The MRI’s / X-Rays for my Lumbar Spine showed a “slight fracture” and problems in the L5 / S1 area.

    I literally wrote that down in a note book for “Doctor Notes” and I was told ~~~~~ that SHOULD NOT be causing the pain I was in.

    I was sent for a Peripheral Neuropathy testing afterwards on my legs & nothing showed up. The Neurologist barely spoke to me and thought nothing of the pain I was in. This BURNING pain symptom has been dismissed and over looked by Doctors in the past.

    Previously, I was told it was due to me being on Lyrica.

    I discontinued Lyrica over 1 year ago & moved on to Neurontin / Gabapentin.

    Personally, it is not helping much & my doctor recently prescribed Prednisone. (Just for 2 weeks).

    Vitamins, I take and I know B is super important. I incorporated Grape Seed Extract & other vitamins just to be sure. My Blood Work has been tested several times. I am not diabetic.

    Regarding ….. Injections, I use to get them for “pain management” years ago and all different types of injections. Also on all parts of my body, so I’ll be prepared if that is my Diagnosis.

    I’d be fine with that if it is the “course of Treatment” suggested.

    The Podiatrist I saw said, possibly when the L5 / S1 area healed ~~~ and was never followed up on or Treated by Doctors afterwards because they dismissed that, it may have caused the issues I am dealing with right now with my feet. (He mentioned surgery could be the last resort.)

    The pain radiates upwards, hits the back of my left knee & then goes into my lower back and into my Spine.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply & sharing your experience with me. It gives me HOPE & makes me feel better that there is “Light at the end of the Tunnel”. Knowing I will get better from this makes the biggest difference in the world.

    All of my other FMS & CFS symptoms are managed pretty well when those are the only things I am dealing with.

    I’m still Disabled & always will be. My issue has been my “quality of life” is compromised & affected too much by the Feet issue.

    Now that you have pointed me in the right direction I will be sure to bring copies of the MRI, X-Rays to my upcoming Appointments.

    I’m going to even request from the Hospital ER Room the Medical Records for myself, so I always have that information on the L5 / S1 area as a previous issue.

    How wonderful of you to take the time to let me know what you went through! I appreciate it so much and you are amazing. Thank you, thank you & thank you again!!

    (PS …. Depending on the Doctor they can give you Trigger Point Injections all over your body. I use to get them in the back of my neck & even in my head because I suffered with Migraines that would never go away. Botox injections are what ended up being the “fix” for me, injection wise. It is covered by Insurance, but you would have to get it “Pre-Approved” if other types of injections are not “long lasting enough”.)

    Hugs & best wishes,
    == Elaine
  4. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Hi Elaine,

    You can only imagine how I felt when I joined this FMS community in
    a state of anger. Needless to say, my anger was short lived because
    of people like you and all of the others who came to my rescue.

    You are so welcome. I am delighted you have options, and sometimes
    they are beneficial . . hopefully you'll have good results with whatever
    avenue is taken for you to obtain relief.

    One thing I need to clarify . . my Rheumatologist was very specific
    when he told me about the injections he gave to me. He clearly
    defined Tender Points vs Trigger Points. He said something to the effect
    that if I received injections and found relief in my Trigger Points, then
    I don't have FMS. He, being the 3rd doctor to diagnose my FMS,
    was 100% sure that I have it, so he needed to concentrate on
    18 Tender Points to attempt to provide total relief for me.
    He succeeded on his first try.

    He chose my lumbar region where the 2 Tender Points are in
    our upper butt area. That selection was made based on the
    Radicupathy and other problems my lumbar issues are causing me.
    I never, ever thought I'd have relief beyond my lower back area,
    but I do.

    The burning, chronic pain is relentless in my upper back, shoulders
    and neck. Since the injections, from my my waist down, that pain
    is totally gone. I still have a tender lower abdomen and it's very
    distended. Yesterday I noticed actual bones in my ankles and on
    the tops of my feet . . it's been months since I've seen them.

    As far as you keeping track of your paperwork . . it was very simple
    to get all of my ER and out-patient medical records from two
    hospitals. I got results from bloodwork, x-rays, CT Scans, MRI's,
    Holter Monitor, and ER notes.

    I got everything rather quickly so I could share it all with my
    Rheuma on my first visit.

    I also obtained all notes, and my medical records from my
    FPC which was simple because they don't keep paper files;
    everything was in the computer and just had to be printed.

    I learned rather quickly to request copies of tests and office
    visits at the time I'm there. I just sign a paper and can even
    take films along or a CD and wait for a written report to arrive
    in the mail. I've sort of become a fanatic about organizing
    my medical records, but because I have 7 doctors who don't
    consult with each other, I must be the gatekeeper.

    Do you happen to know if I must wait inbetween injections to
    have them in different areas of my body? I'm sure I can't have
    them done simultaneously, but perhaps a week inbetween them
    would suffice . . just learning about this.

    I will reach into this computer and virtually hug you if my doctor agrees
    to inject me somewhere to relieve my migraines!!! What a great
    suggestion. I heard of people getting Botox for them, but I
    am not comfortable with that thought. That was years ago.
    If there's a migraine area Tender Point that could be injected with
    whatever he gave me, I'll beg for it.

    Some people cannot believe that my foot pain is worse than a
    very bad toothache. I stepped on a tiny button and nearly
    went through the roof with pain last week. How can you possibly
    explain that to anyone without them thinking you're exagerating?

    You mentioned a doctor dismissing your burning pain . . my FP doc
    told me to use Gold Bond Powder . . all I said was "really?", and
    needless to say I was livid. It makes my skin crawl (no pun
    intended) when all of us are "dismissed". When I had my only
    continuous 8-day bedridden flare, my FP said over the telephone
    that I was dehydrated and to drink water . . sure, after I hadn't
    eaten for a week I could figure that one out all by myself. He
    completely ignored the fact that I thought my appendix grew
    back and exploded! Why must we put up with some of the
    stuff we do? I am changing FP's next week because my current
    one literally causes me physical pain.

    Wow . . I've said way too much, but this is great therapy for
    me )

    Thank you so much, and I wish you all the best in your
    upcoming visits and pray your quality of life will get better . .
    one fine day.

  5. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Be sure that your blood sugar is not high. Burning pain in feet can be caused by diabetic neuropathy. This is ruled out with a routine blood glucose test.
  6. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    GB66 ====== Thanks for adding regarding having new Blood Work. That is helpful information for anyone reading this Thread.

    Last year I was tested several times for “Diabetic Neuropathy”. I do not have it, yet I will ask to be tested again this month.

    Peripheral Neuropathy was ruled out last year. Evidently even when Doctors dismiss our Symptoms, we as Patients, need to make sure we keep bring them up and search for answers / results on our own. Thank you.

    JAMINHEALTH ===== Yes, I am taking Grape Seed Extract. I’ll increase the dosage. I’ve researched it and will see if I get improvement.

    == Elaine

  7. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member


    Again, thank you for the extra detailed information. I appreciate it!! Any input about this type of pain is valuable to me.

    I understand the emotions you spoke of when diagnosed.

    I wrote about my own experience & incorporated all of the lessons my Father passed along to me to help me deal with Chronic Medical Conditions.

    I use to be at the Message Board daily years ago and posted often. I haven’t been here in many months. Maybe closer to a year. Some times I wonder if people even remember me!

    Thank you for clarifying the injections as “trigger point” and “tender points”. Yes I am very aware of what you mean.

    Regarding the type of injections you asked about ----- yes, you can get them all over your body.

    Everyone is different, so you never know how long they will “last” for.

    I use to receive Injections for Pain Management 3 times every week.

    Why 3 times a week???

    Insurance Companies try to deny claims and do not want pay or allow “multiple” injections. They try to state it as ….. “it should all be incorporated / included in the Office Visit & you are restricted to a certain amount Injections.”

    I’ve battled Insurance Companies over this in the past.

    So, ask your Specialist if he can ….. Administer Several Injections & Injection Sites during 1 Office Visit so you can experience a time frame when your body may be “pain free”!

    For me the most painful injection site was in my stomach when I had such an “Irritable Bowel Condition” going on.

    I was use to needles & injections, yet ……. OH Boy, that one was very difficult for me to stay still. OUCH!

    Regarding Botox Injections, it was the only Treatment that keeps my Migraines “managed”. All other types of Injections kept a migraine away for several hours or a day or 2. That was it.

    Botox is used when Injections do work, but are not “lasting”. If you pursue this Avenue, I posted specific Insurance Company Information & Pre-Approval instructions. It would be in the “Archived Posts”.

    My Migraines were so bad I received 48 Injections all over in pain areas in my head, neck and even upper shoulders all within 1 Appointment.

    A very, very, very “fine” needle is used for the Botox Injections in order for them to not hurt you during the Procedure.

    Also, before the Specialist Administers the Injections, they should mark all of the areas on you with a pen type marker that they plan on injecting.

    Then, they calculate how much Botox needs to be in each injection site. For the ones that are the most painful, it requires more Botox.

    It keeps me, personally, Migraine free for over a YEAR at a time & some times much, much longer. However, some people need to get the injections approximately every 3 to 4 months.

    Wrapping up my message. Again, thanks for sharing so much information. It has been extremely helpful. Feel free to ask any other questions if you want.

    == Elaine
  8. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Holy Moly Migraines!!!

    I cannot imagine being Migraine free for a week and you
    have relief for a year. Good for you!

    In the 70's my days were spent in the ER getting shots for them,
    then in the 80's trying every med on the market . . then the
    Imitrex injections came out and they worked; then the Imitrex
    pills and they still work . . but, I still get several Migraines a
    week in addition to "new headaches"

    I'm not sure about my insurance company's take on injections.

    They were during my first visit and I didn't get a bill or letter,
    but my appointment was just last week.

    For my lower back, so far, so good and today it's one week
    since the butt injections, so I need to see how long those 2
    shots will last.

    From what you've said and been through I will not be shy
    about asking for them in my neck/shoulders/upper back/head
    and abdomen.

    Who gives your Botox injections to you? I can't imagine an
    MD suggesting them, but I didn't know the Rheumy would give
    me the ones he did, either.

    You said how painful one of them was . . well the one on my
    right upper butt hurt so badly I did say a rather loud OUCH and
    pulled away . . he stopped for a split second then finished up.
    So, I survived and know it was so worth it and I'm ready to
    tell him to shoot away.

    You had 48 Botox shots?? Wow, you must be stunning :)

    Honestly, and a year ago I would have never said this, but
    my Migraines take a second seat to my other issues. Did I
    really say that . . yikes!

    If I have to pay out of pocket, I will get them in my upper back/
    shoulders/neck and head . . the pain in those areas limits
    me from doing just about everything.

    And . . my wrists and thumb joints . . that pain is also relentless.
    Not many people realize how limited you become from not being
    able to comfortably use both hands. I left work an hour early one
    day because the pain was causing me to shake and sweat. I had
    to get home and take a Vicodin . . it takes the edge off of that
    really horrible pain. I can't take it at work because I fall asleep
    about an hour later.

    My lower abdomen remains undiagnosed. I may have told you,
    I was in bed for 8 days/nights due to severe pain, so bad I
    couldn't go to the doctor. It felt like my appendix grew back
    and blew up. Since then, I've been swollen and look 6 months
    pregnant. I keep having it looked at and pushed on, but no
    suggestions, no relief. The ER doc, on the 9th day of my episode,
    ran every test imaginable and could only say I'd have to go
    out-of-town to a large teaching hospital for help. Not the answer
    I wanted. I do know from lots of tests that there are no masses
    or blockage, no periotnitis or other bad organ stuff. This big
    belly hurts only when pushed on, and sometimes it feels like
    I have a cyst on my ovary, then I remember I don't have ovaries
    anymore....LOL I had my gallbaldder removed and adhesions
    and endometrios many, many times before a radical hysterctomy.

    So, what's left to cause this . . no one knows.

    I will look for your archived documents .. thanks!

    The vibration underneath my left foot is going to town right
    now, so I'm going to get horizontal . . I tell myself it helps.

    Thanks so much for all of this valuable information . . I truly
    appreciate it :)

  9. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Not the case for me. My blood sugar drops to between 40 and 70
    too frequently, I then get tremors and have to eat or drink.

  10. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Why can't you have those injections in your foot/feet?

    One of my doctor's told me that the worst pain I'm having
    in my upper back/shoulders/neck and head is not related to
    my cervical spine . .
    even though I have DDD, arthritis and a bulging disc in my neck.

    The Rheumy said the same thing, but he also said, just because
    the MRI of my Cervical Spine wasn't nearly as bad as my Lumbar,
    it doesn't mean the pain isn't there.

    With the upper burning pain comes the lightheadedness that's
    still a mystery to 7 doctors. That in itself is troublesome, and
    the knee buckling whether related to it or not is down right
    scarey, too.

    So . . lots of places to have injections.

  11. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Are you on any medication for blood glucose control? I'm not so far. I'm only using diet changes so mine never drops very low. I think about 80 is the lowest I've been.

    I was hypoclycemic all my life until it turned around and became hyperclycemic (diabetes). I remember the lows. I used to cry in school when I was a child because I'd get so hungry and shaky between breakfast and lunch. I ate a tremendous amount of food and still remained underweight for many years.

    Now that I'm on a lower carb diet plan I have started to lose weight for some reason. I was about 10 pounds overweight when I started and now I've lost 15 lbs. I don't know how to make it stop and still have good blood sugar control. I don't want to lose any more. GB66
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