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    On May 16, Leslie Botha interviewed three people who have ME/CFS, focusing on activities in Washington and pediatric cases:

    Be sure and thank Leslie Carol through her facebook page:
    or by e-mail: and station general manager:

    The public service announcement has led to a news article on the website of a television station:

    Also, we are still encouraging people to send Obama a fax message with a cartoon. See this page:

    MCWPA Team
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    ...out on an outstanding, groundbreaking radio show about ME/CFS!

    The ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance continues to do important work for the patient community, and if you are on on FB, search for them and join and take part in the voting that the patients do for everything that is accomplished! It's by the patients and for the patients. You'll like this group.

    Do check out, too; you'll find all the information the media refers to to learn about ME/CFS, FM, GWI, and MCS. Oh, and you've got to watch the protest video made by Rivka on YouTube! It was done outside the Health and Human Services Building during the CFSAC meetings on May 10-11, and the demonstrators were just waiting to be arrested!

    Taking action to find answers for our illnesses is rewarding and gives HOPE to so get invoved, will you?


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