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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lease79, Oct 27, 2005.

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    I was in the shower this morning listening to one of the major radio stations morning shows (okay late morning lol)
    When the male presenter (with 2 other males present,) starts going on about how some girly magazine did the 100 greatest men of all time & how he had come in at number 96.
    He listed off the people that came in behind him & then he started saying about the ones that came in front of him that he felt shouldn't have.

    He gets to number 80 something & it's Jeff from the 'Wiggles'.
    He then says (this isn't a quote, just an approximate of how my fuzzy brain remembers it...)

    (Presenter) How did Jeff wiggle do better than me??? He does nothing but sleep all the time. (Lots of laughter, they were laughing alot anyways.)

    (Presenter) He must have that fatigue thing, what is it??

    (Other guy) 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome'

    (Presenter) 'Yeah, that' (All three of them laughed)

    AND MY BLOOD BOILED. Considering I face people that don't believe in it & that mock it all the time I don't know why this hurt so bad, but it did. I wanted to tell this guy off through the radio & at the same time I wanted to cry :(
    I thought of all the people with Chronic Fatigue that might have been listening at that time. I thought what if someone that was bed bound with CFS & that only had a radio for comfort had heard that??

    I got straight out of that shower & whilst still wrapped in my towel, got out my phone book & phoned the radio station. The young lady that took my call said that they would take it seriously. I was put on hold & then when I finally got put through to her person I was after, they were in a meeting, so I had to leave a message on her machine.

    I lelt if for about 30 minutes & then rang back AGAIN. Another girl took my complaint right then & there & was genuinely concerned.

    I made sure that I totally kept my composure, & that I was friendly & polite. I made sure that I got across the message about how sad it had made me feel to hear a condition that had literally taken away my life being made to sound like something funny :(

    Later that afternoon I was rang by one of the big bosses from the station (didn't know this until later,) who was absolutely wonderful & actually asked me all about CFS & how it effected me on a daily basis. He seemed genuinely surprised to hear that I was a 'healthy in appearance' non-drinking, non-smoking, normal weighted 25 y.o. who literally cannot walk to the local shop & back again without winding up in bed for days. I told him that my day often centres around my husband getting up & feeding & dressing our children for school & kindy (before he goes to work) whilst I lay in bed staring at the ceiling & psyching myself to be able to get up & get them all into the car & to school, knowing that the pain will intensify the moment that I do. Then in the afternoon I spend a couple of hours psyching myself up to go & get them again.
    He asked if there was anything that the station could do to help, ie: raise awareness of the condition. I told him that if he truly wanted to help, then to look into SAYME (South Australian Youth (with) ME) He listened to what I had to say & said that he would speak with the presenter that had said it, today. He said that he was pretty sure that the presented would be really sad to know that he had upset even just one listener with what he had said. He honestly sounded genuine & concerned about what had happened, which meant alot.

    Even later that afternoon I was rang by another man from the station to make sure that my complaint had been followed up promptly. He was also brilliant & said that he had a friend with CFS.

    I still feel sad about it, but maybe they will look into CFS & maybe there will be some positive exposure about this condition. If they look into SAYME, or even if the guy that said it in the first place actually takes the time to find out what CFS truly is, then IMO ringing up, stressing myself out by making that complaint was more than worth it.

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    Hi Lease,

    Well done! Which station was it? I didn't hear it but have heard other presenters on Adelaide radio make fun of CFS in the past - the last time was on Triple M, I think.

    That's a pretty impressive response from the station :) Pity it happened but if it gets them involved in awareness on even a minor level it would be great.

    Wow, I'm watching The Glass House at the moment. I didn't hear the beginning of what they were talking about but they just made a joke about CFS, too. Dave Hughes saying something like "If you don't see me next week, it's because I have chronic fatigue syndrome". Related to the new terror legislation, I think. Can't work out how he would relate that with CFS?? It got a big laugh from the audience, though... :(

    Take care,

  3. lease79

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    Sorry it's taken me so long to answer back...
    Becc, it was 107.1
  4. ontariogirl

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    And it was really uplifting to hear that they responded in a compassionate way.

    Would have been great if they would have acknowledged you and your complaint on the air but I am so happy you stepped up and set them straight.

    Kudos to you
  5. cobie

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    Hi Lease, Well done in your quick response and persistance. The more the public learn about this disease the better.I guess we are in the position of MS years ago which was considered a condition of "HYSTERICAL women" as was polio. The trick is to encourage people to think outside the square,as the Drs did with stomach ulcers. Medicine was convinced they were caused by life style and an over production of stomach acid.These Drs proved ulcers were caused by bacteria,after years of ridicule they eventually proved it by ingesting the bugs. SO WELL DONE cheers Cobie

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