Radtech, you are so not alone, just saw your last Kaiser post

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    Thank you for the kind words to me, I know absolutely that the people here, all of you, are the only ones who understand what we go through 24/7. I can so relate to what you said about not even being able to go thru showering. I am the same way. Since May 2002 I have lived in my nightgown. Pathetic. Wonder why I am still here. This is not a life.

    I am most concerned right now with all of us losing access to our pain regimen that has, at least, helped. Not a cure. We all know that. But to be simply relaxing in a recliner and have my feet, ankles, toes, shoulders and my entire spine feeling as if it is in a vice from neck to tailbone all so very painful it feels excruciating, at least the measly dose I am able to get now, 30 mg Morphine Sulphate Contin just barely takes the edge off. Not enough help with pain to be mobile at all. I cannot imagine having to live without it. I only have a commitment from Dr for a few months, of weaning off. I have to wonder how many people (including myself) will choose to just end it when we feel completely abandoned.

    I wish our Doctors could go through just 24 hours of one of our worst days. I wish I could have some magic words to restore your self esteem and value, however I feel exactly as you do. My entire life is wrapped up in self pity and I don't know how to accept living this way. I have been in counseling the whole time and unfortunately I have never been able to be one of the fibro people who have a positive disposition. I wixh I could find a way, I wish you could to, and all the rest of us trying to just have a life.

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    Life with fibromyalgia is not the life we knew before it enveloped our bodies, minds and souls. I thank God for the good days but they seem to be harder to come by. I don't believe that ending our lives prematurely is an answer but I do fully understand holding that thought as a last ditch alternative. I keep hoping that after 15 years of this disease that an answer will come. I fear too many in medicine still think it is of our minds not our bodies. I don't wish this on anyone but a week if this could change their minds. Prayers and hope to all who must face this demoralizing disease.