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    Whew! I have read this article a couple of times, and started it again this morning.

    How is everyone else doing on it?

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    Whine Warning!

    I was, as you all know, already very stoopid but I accidentally got about 30 min. of sun on Sunday which flattened me. (I also got the funniest sunburn on my face below my glasses!)

    All day I have been thinking that the only reason I can't understand it's really Monday is because I keep falling into the ME coma-like state so it seems that more days have passed. Just as I thought I had finally worked that out, I find out it's Tuesday!

    Anything beyond figuring out what day it is is beyond my capabilities.

    I can't believe I actually wrote this post! I hope it makes sense. I dare not check.

    Sorry! Soon!

    Peace out,
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    I read it a couple of times too. Compassion sounds easy, but I think real compassion is a difficult thing to put into practice, especially when you are suffering with your own problems. But that's the whole key, removing yourself from the center of your own universe and accepting the connection we have with everyone and everything else.

    The easiest place for me to practice compassion is in traffic. Instead of getting road rage over the jerk that just cut me off, I try to make myself think about that person as a person, how maybe he/she had a really bad day. I even make up a story, about how maybe he just got chewed out by his boss, or his wife just left him, and pretty soon I'm actually feeling sorry for the jerk that just cut me off!

    It's an easy place to practice compassion, because you are not actually interfacing. At this point, you are just working on your own heart and headset. But it's good training, I think, for dealing with your own reactions to people.

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    Husbands that chew loudly when eating potato chips! Lol!!