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    Haven't seen you in a while. If you show up, how about writing some words of good wisdom for us. I love the things that you write/share. Hope that you are feeling well.
    Love, Cynthia
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    I was not going to log on or write anything ~ so, so tired.

    But, what a sweet note! Thank you for thinking of me!

    I don't have much in the way of wisdom -except what I borrow from others- but, having read people write so movingly about feeling as though they cannot find God, I wonder if perhaps we sometimes pray so intently that we can hear only our own pain and not the divine answer. Don't know. Just want to help somehow without being pushy. Listening with an open heart helps me feel connected in love with the divine.

    So, thank you for giving me a place to put this thought. And, thank you for thinking such nice things about me! I think nice things about you, too!

    Hope you are as well as you can be!

    Anyway, crazy tired here. Just musing... could be complete rubbish.

    Peace to you and yours and theirs...
  3. Doznclan3

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    Great thought. I knew you would have one. And, I am actually doing pretty well right now, thank you very much. Had an invite to dinner with family tonight. That's always nice...(I don't cook, they do.) :p
    As I read your post here, I think that you are right. Sometimes, people are hurting so bad, feeling so lonely, even feeling afraid, that they can't help but feel just that, while they try to find what they want. Something people often forget to do after praying/meditating, is to stop, and listen, to feel. When we give ourselves that time, more often than not, there is what I like to call..a whispering of an answer. Things can come to us, as we stop and listen, ponder what is meant for us. Thank you for sharing again. When you aren't so tired, come on back with some more. :)
    Love, Cynthia
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    How sweet, and even tired you make sense...hope you're sleeping, as I'm about to be.

    PSDo not remember posting this...last night...I should've added to seal the bag so none escape...that happened to me with ants, they just came back out...

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