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    This is in answer to your post on bigmamas post...since everyone of all religions might come there, i thought my content was better suited to a separate thread...I feel like a cat walking on a hot tin roof sometimes when navigating the boards...afraid my words might set off a fuse

    about nepal.....

    Come on down whenever ..you know you are welcome :)

    i have to say the idea of attaining nirvana is hugely attractive to me...not to have to come back and do this all over again...now that i know first hand what ills this world holds, i wish everything everyone attains nirvana. Blessed blessed freedom! But i also know chances i will are slim right now! hahaha i love some samsaric things too much....like meat dumplings...and have lots of unlearning to do.

    I do think its wonderful that there IS a path to freedom from the cycle of rebirths and that it was laid out for us...for anyone to pursue. Boddhisattvas...Mother Teresa was one wasnt she, or was in all respects like one...The Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela to some extent, all sacrificing their own comforts for the good of the general populace, HH Dalai Lama coming back again and again to share words of wisdom and gentleness and the right way of life so less people could suffer karmic retribution in this or another life

    Im trying to explore why some of us have to face the challenges some of us do, it is too awful to contemplate on the possibility that it was all a game of chance, or that Someone higher up decided for us...what is it specifically that each of us had to learn that we got saddled with the experiences we individually did?

    right now, i shall do some breathing exercises and mental ones and hope to gain some energy and enthusiasm to go out..i just remembered it is the 4th week prayer ceremony of a relative who expired..and i had promised myself i would go...

    by the way please dont let the board and the way it goes out of wack sometimes, get to you..I know i let it not a few moons ago :), I decided to just not read some posts which from experience I know to avoid...

    God Bless
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    It seems the board has gotten to me. I had nightmares last night about war breaking out and being invaded. In my attempts to find safety I realized that I never would and that I could not reason my way out of the situation. I awoke with that horrible lingering icky feeling one sometimes has after a bad dream. I realize that it is the negativity I'm taking from this board into my life. I do not blame others or their beliefs for this negativity for, by engaging in it, I bring it into my own life.

    As I write this I imagine that people will post that there is a war going on - a war for souls between two opposing forces. I have often felt that I was being accused of being on the side of darkness because I am not a Christian. I have felt that I should warn people not to like me or "talk" to me because they, too, might then be accused of being on the wrong side of a holy war. I'm so tired of this.

    I, too, wish I were closer to Nirvana! I have so many rounds left that the only saving grace is that I will forget I am doing it over and over again. On the other hand, I am so grateful for the opportunity to improve and will be disappointed if the system is different from what I expect and I will be stuck with just this attempt. I haven't done a very good job yet but I'm beginning to understand things now and I'd really like to have another shot at it.

    I'm babbling, I'm sorry. Thank you for thinking of me. I don't know what I'm doing here but I know it's not working and I know it's not good for me.

    See you wherever I see you and I will see you.

    with metta to you,
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    this is for lydia-- and for rafiki----

    I can clearly see you are both good, kind hearted,, loving people. things got all churned up yesterday, but please dont feel too upset. friends can have a tiff or a misunderstanding or a difference of opinion and still be friends. hope these words help you both feel more lifted up.

    your friend,
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    I just finished typing my message wirtten after post no. 2 and posted and i see a lot more messages..but will leave my message to rafiki i just completed...


    Dont let this get to you....we both and most of the board members have been thru so much in life and faced so much, what is this little thing to let it affect you so? A disagreement on a message board. Disagreements happen even between family members when opinions clash...it angers for that moment, and then the moment passes and we calm down. Not just you, differing opinions and the back and forths which take place in its wake has dismayed others too and probably spoilt their day as well...they are good people with just a differing opinion. No one enjoys it when there is a clash of sorts. But clashes happen. And then things smoothen over.

    One thing please be always sure of. NO ONE thinks of you as being on the side of darkness.Anyone thinking YOU are on the side of darkness is delusional but dont worry i havent got a hint of that. I have read only good things about you here. EVERYONE on this board recognises in you a pure spirit, kind and gentle and they have told you so time and again...dont let an unpleasant episode cloud your memories and hurt you.There is no need.

    You know when i was reading one thread where worshippers were thinking up numerous names for Lord Jesus; a Tibetan saying came to my mind, "gold needs no trappings". its gold in all its purity. Whether you fling mud on it, or roll it in dirt, or cover it in different types or colours of brocade/silk cloth to enhance it, it remains in its essence what it is....pure shining gold!" :) What earthly need of embellishments?

    Thus you are what you are....pure gentle Rafiki. The debates about religion/spirituality will go on.and on...but you are what you are and will remain yourself...strong in your beliefs, true to your ideology and a being incapable of being capricious and vindictive.

    The board administration has recognized us for what we are - just persons of another belief and thinking and welcomed us....they have acted whenever they have felt the need to and deleted posts which go against board rules. Many Christians here applaud our ideas and do not hesitate from saying so when they feel particularly drawn to some of our ideologies...do not let a very very few who are radically minded spoil the board for you. Rest assured anyone on both sides of the debate who goes repeatedly out of line will have to face the consequences from the administrators.

    As for the war of souls, Rafiki - I know you are not taking part in any such war. The person will be drawn to that with which he she will be most comfortable...which makes most sense...no amount of entreating on either side will pull anyone in any direction he she doesnt want to go. Buddhists dont go 'looking' for souls..the souls find Buddhism in their search..

    you dont know what youre doing here? You are a most important member of this board and you are here because you have a lot of wisdom and goodness to share...everyone knows that.

    Today i went to the monastery and lit lamps and said prayers. it was such a peaceful moment. And when i was walking and circling the stupa, along with hordes of other worshippers, i just felt lifted up and a peaceful sense came over me....it was the energy of all those worshippers, as they perambulated, they did their rosaries and prayed for the well being of all sentient beings and for evil to be subdued and that all loving energy being created and sent out in waves .....:)

    with metta to you too Rafiki, you are well loved and never forget it

    God Bless
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    I have tears in my eyes, I really do.

    I wasn't sure that you got my message about the atrium but I see you did. There is absolutely nothing that needs forgiveness at all. But, if you ever needed my forgiveness you would have it without question.

    I will absolutely hold your hand and walk on eggshells. I think that's an important thing to do. I think it matters that you and I can have such different beliefs and yet feel such fondness and respect for each other. I think that is very, very important. If you think it is important, too, I would walk on hot coals with you. I really would.

    Let us forgive ourselves now for we have most assuredly forgiven each other.

    Thank you for always being Julie!

  6. springwater

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    you are one tremendous person! reaching out like this....it takes a big big person to do it..and you have...we all know what a gem Rafi is....she is so unused to upsets or being in the middle of one that the little episode disquieted her a bit. But like i said, storms in teacups blow over. I know we can expect her back...loving and gentle as always..

    Im always surprised when two beautiful souls like you and Rafi clash if that is the proper word to use..maybe 'misunderstand' each other is better, and i was surprised but its one of lifes oxymorons..and another lesson to learn...all are on a journey of learning

    God Bless you and all of you who came on with your peaceful messages, rainbow, bigmama, Saja - thanks for your sweet words, saja they mean a lot to me

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  7. Rafiki

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    You are very, very wise. I hold my hands, palm to palm, and bow my head - Namaste, Springwater.

    Maybe it does matter, after all, that we try to live in peace.

    Maybe this has not been such a wrong headed idea after all.

    Maybe many people want what I want...

  8. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    and it is really beautiful!

    Thank you all so very much for being peacemakers. I really think this matters!

    I think you are all so beautiful!

    It matters!

  9. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I should have quit, too. What was I thinking?!

    Perhaps we were just the instruments.

    peace to you,
  10. Doznclan3

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    is what I'm talking about. Thanks so much for all of your comments. Beautiful thread, and words. My words don't come out very beautiful when I'm--well--scrambling to find the right words.
    Springwater, you always write your thoughts so beautifully, as does everyone.
    I'm sorry Rafiki, I chuckled at what you wrote when you talked about your nightmares. Don't think it was meant to be funny, I'm sure it wasn't, but you are very much a gifted writer...guess it was the way you put it. Then things really started to lighten up on this thread.
    Thanks again for all of your posts everyone, I enjoy reading them all. I've learned so much, and also enjoy sharing some of what I read with my husband. We have some very thoughtful and meaningful conversations because of what I've learned from you all.
    Love, Cynthia
  11. jole

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    I have to admit I "peeked" into your post several days ago, but didn't want to butt in. Now I will, since I'm not alone.

    I have so much enjoyed all that the two of you have written about your religion and beliefs, and have seen a lot of beauty in your ways. The two of you exude your goodness and the goodness of others. I am still working on that.....

    You both have such wonderful writing skills, and just pull a person into your conversations, what a talent! I think your appreciation of nature is wonderful, and it shows in your writings. I too enjoy all the beauty we have been given so freely and the peacefulness that comes with it.

    Please know that we all respect you here...because you have shown so much respect to everyone else! Don't ever feel like you don't belong here...you do! Anyone of faith does, who gives respect.

    I love both of you very much***Jole***
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Jole and Cynthia

    Thank you for your kind kind words. Appreciate it. Also appreciate that you two among many others just welcomed us and the changes that were made to the board with no reserve/ill will at all. You looked at us as fellow human beings on the same path. Not harbingers of dark forces who were out to destroy.

    I, like Rafiki , just came to the conclusion that our discussions and experiences on this board, both good and bad were such instruments of learning and evolving and maturing in wisdom and patience. For everyone mostly. We seem to have had to move out of our comfort zones, out of the safety net of similar thinking circles, stretch ourselves in understanding anothers point of view, make adjustments and learn how to conduct ourselves while communicating our thoughts and beliefs in a respectful way. Like any normal learning process, mistakes may have been made, tempers frayed, people hurt but so far there has been valiant attempts to conquer ones ego and extend understanding..which is very very touching to see. I have seen boards where there is so much negativity over differing opinions, they become unkind and abusive towards each other…here there is a degree of civility which is uncommon.

    The nature of religion and spirituality being such that it invariably arouses passionate feelings and volatile reactions, I almost expect more misunderstandings etc to crop up from time to time, but I do feel most of us here are willing and are going to become more skilful/adroit in putting forth our opinions in a way that will not hurt the sentiments of another. Certainly we will try!

    Hmm, now I get what Wayne was trying to say in his thread about Nightline and a certain debate….that wise wise man, wayne :)

    God Bless & love you too
  13. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member


    much metta to everyone!
  14. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    I just saw this post! So much is posted in a day, and by the time I get here, usually at night, I'm tired. Sometimes I'm on in the morning.
    Other boards can be pretty negative ey? Well, I'm glad I found this one then.
    I like how you said it...of course..about the good and bad being instruments of learning. I've been taught, to keep on learning. Everything I can. About people, religions, what's going on in the world. As some may be able to tell, ahem...I didn't have a collage, education. But I feel that I'm not doing too bad, as I have learned a lot throughout my years. By reading. By actually visiting with people about their ways. Now this board, my goodness, I've learned leaps and bounds. I've learned throughout my years, to have respect for others, and I really believe it started by my being taught to respect my elders. They can teach us a lot. I love the elderly. They have so much to share, to give from their past lives..so much knowlege there. I just soak it up when I have a chance to sit with someone that is older. I used to work in an assistant home living facility. Loved it. I learned a lot during that time. People are people, no matter where you go in this world..we are so much more alike than many realize. We all have feelings of love, respect for this earth, respect of others, and, I'm pretty sure that we all want to be loved. It's a great thing to have been loved in this life by someone. I hope everyone here has had that in their lives. It might still be hard for some to believe it when I say, I've come to love some people right here on this board, without even having met them. Really! :)
    Love, Cynthia
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    Just a very short note since I have little time and I am sure I will give you all lots of typoe to figure out. I too peeked the other day and I actually did write a nice long post and it again what it has been doing lately -poof - the magic disappearing act.

    Just wanted to say I do love you all and think there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to learn from and enjoy each other as we are. That is just the main point of my post. Wish I had more time today but I don't and this whole week will be a busy one for me, with all the singing in church as well as getting ready at home for the Easter dinner celebration and b-day for two of my children (35 and 46). I did NOTbuy that many candles, just the candles with the numbers on them (-: !!

    I do alot more reading of posts than posting myself especially on this Board but if I ever get the time I will do so hopefully.

    I posted yesterday and not I cannot even find it. Gee, why Doesn't the SEARCH thingy work on these boards?? AAAck !

    Rafiki, Julie/Lydia and Spring - do not leave here. You would be greatly missed if you do.

    I promise to come back later if and when I have more time to do so . Just wanted to take a little time to say my piece (what little bit it is) and hope none of you leave . I for one love to hear abouat other cultures and religions.

    Love and blessings to you all,

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