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    My dear lady. I am in awe of you. You have the ability to share with others so well. Your wisdom and thoughtfulness is amazing.

    I just read your post to Springwater wishing her Happy Birthday. You words were such a gift, not just to her but to all of us..

    You always seem to know just what to say and have a special way of getting your feelings across.

    How in the world, with all you have going on, do you manage to do this?

    I have probably said this before but want to do so again...I am so glad you are here and now part of my life. I feel so lucky to know you.

  2. Rafiki

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    thank you very much!

    If you could see the reaction I'm having to your wonderfully kind post, you would see that you have done just the same thing for me! I have not been feeling too wonderful about me lately, for boring and transient reasons, and I've been in a complete fog, so your thoughtfulness is so welcome and very much appreciated.

    It is amazing to me that you would take the time to post this with everything you must contend with now. I do hope your upcoming trip goes well for everyone. You are such a splendid daughter.

    Thank you, thank you for this lovely gift!

    Now happily foggy and full of gratitude,