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    After the festival ones, I posted some pics of when my relatives came over..on
    my flickr website..I dont know whether you saw those..mean to post on FB too
    but not been able to yet.


    These are taken in Bhaktapur,an old city 45 mins drive away from kathmandu main city.

    If they do happen to make that anti CFS/ME vaccine whatever it is, and you do happen
    to be able to get back your health to its former state, you can come down and you and I will roam all these ancient alleys, and temples, and of course our various Buddhist stupas and I will introduce your gentle soul to some of my nun friends (they will love you) and take you to see the quiet Buddhist monasteries .

    I know how you love the East. I think a dose of your calm presence will also
    influence me for good, take some of the rough edges offa my character, right now I am too
    prone to quick flashes of anger and judgement...and a holding on to grudges...like i had to
    hold my temper several times when aunt or cousin sis would say/do some things not to my liking...I would like to be more serene like yourself. And be able to let go. More able to see the good in people than bad and concentrate on that.

    I am so glad you have got your computer back in order and posting more often...the time
    you took off a while ago had me worried.

    God Bless

  2. Rafiki

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    Your pictures are just wonderful! Makes me long for the East. I remember the quality of the air and the way old stones, worn smooth by hundreds of years of walking, feel beneath my feet.

    Oh Spring, we are all given to all of those afflictions - anger, judgment, temper... don't you think. I don't know how serene I am. But, your tradition and and culture has given me tools to deal with how tricky it is to be a human being.

    Without meditation I would have no distance at all between the things that happen and my reaction to them. I was very quick to react. It is only that which you and yours have treasured and kept for me that allows me to, usually, respond instead.

    BUT, let us not forget that when one lives alone (no kids here now) with one's perfect dog, it's all rather easy. I don't have a big family testing me. I might be a total disaster if I did. It's easy to be all serene when all you have to deal with is a perfect little friend.

    In fact, an acquaintance sent me an email recently suggesting that my girl's illness (you remember, I'm sure) is something she has chosen. I had such a hard time letting go of my frustration that I had to send a long complaining email to a friend. Well, of course, I didn't have to... but I did.

    Imperfection is inescapable. Imperfect is just what we are.

    Thank you always forgiving my rough edges,

    my edges, your edges


    'cept you're much more giving!!!

    We could go on this way forever, couldn't we.

    with metta,

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