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    goes the pain. here in maine we have had alot of rain and it damp as heck. my aches get worse when it is like this..

    i went to my appt today to get a community support worker and i am going to ask for someone else. i would like to have some feed back from you guys. should i just ask for a diierent worker and say that i do not feal comfortable with her.

    i designed a file in my computer. it is a medical data file. i list all medications i take; all surgrys that i have had; every condition i have; every sugry; any vitamins i take; all of my personal info and insurance i have; and any thing else i feal is needed for the appt. i print it out the night before my appt and take it with me. every doctor i have seen thinks this is a great idea. belive me it has come in handy, i had fibro-fog and could not rember much. so this idea of mine is a great help and tool.

    i need to share what happened today that has upset me. i need to share it, maybe can you tell me if maybe i took what was said wrong.

    i was having fibro-fog and the worker was doing something on paper and i had a hard time in trying to understand it. she thought i was getting what she was saying. i told her i was having fibro fog.. her next statment was " is that real or somthig you madeup off the top of your head.. this is not real is it your making this up it is not real." i explained to her what fibro-fog is, but i got the fealing she did not belive me or was not totaly beliving me..
    this has left me not fealing very comfortable with her as a worker.
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    I saw in the newspaper a dr Pratt will speak about "living with chronic pain". Its at the Bingham area Health Center on Wed May 31 from 6:30 to 8. Thought you might be interested since you're out that way. AMY
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    Whatever, she is not qualified. She is detrimental to your well-being. You are better off w/ no one. Get rid of her.