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    7/15/07 Maybe I missed something, but what has happened with the rain and flooding in Texas. Are we missing anyone? Mr Bill

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    It rained almost 2" / hour with slow moving weather front just North of me yesterday. Most of our lakes are still closed for boating due to flooding and debris in water.

    Austin is on the edge of the hill country. We get flash flooding through here because we are basically on bedrock.

    The water doesn't really soak into the ground, it floods with swift moving currents.

    I jokingly make comments about my hubby's canoe and kayak that are sitting along the side of our home. Fortunately, my home sits up high enough that we don't flood in our subdivision. Outside of my subdivision, there are many low places that were really flooded.

    The thing that really makes me wonder is ---why do people get hair brained ideas to ride the flooded rivers???? Then our firemen are supposed to rescue them when they get caught out in the raging deluge of rainwater run off.

    Central Texas has a motto of "turn around---don't drown".
    Then you get people who drive around the barracades and get washed away. I have only run my sprinkling system a few times this summer. Normally we would be in at least voluntary water rationing by now. We go into mandatory water rationing when the lakes get to a certain low point. Right now, our lakes are more than full! They were closed for the 4th of July due to the flooding and floating debris. There are also hidden tree stumps, etc. due to the level of the water. We are going to have a whopper mosquito season out of this.

    Thank Goodness that we have the HUGE bat population that live in the expansion joints of the Congress Ave. bridge in downtown Austin. It is mind boggling how many insects those bats eat each night.

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    Well, good that you are "OK". Any alligators around Austin now?:)
    Glad to hear that the bats are tolerated or encouraged, etc.
    Seems like every forecast for Texas and Oklahoma has a prediction for more rain. If you get fourty days and fourty nights of rain you may need a Bigger Boat!

    Everything dry here in Northern California mountains. Someone who has lived here 50 years said that this is driest ever seen. Some of streams only run at night or on cloudy days. I worry about the trout.

    I guess my pet peeve is people who build wooden houses in the middle of forests and are surprised that their houses burn down. Firemen supposed to save them too, I guess.

    Cheers, and stay safe, your Mr Bill

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    ...we here on the coast of northern CA had almost an inch of rain. Set the record for this time of year. We usually don't get rain during the summer.

    I know that inland has some fires, and although the rain helped some, the paper said that it made the roads terrible to pass and that the rain wasn't enought to put the fires out.

    Interesting weather. Today, it is just hot here, and we don't usually have this much heat this time of year.

    Weird weather.

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    We finally had some rain off and on over the past few days. It probably amounted to over an inch but. boy,did we need it!!

    Hope no one gets flooded and those who need it gety some.

    Gentle Hugs,

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    "Rain" is that wet stuff that falls out of dark clouds.
    Oh, that's right, you probably don't have "clouds" either.

    We had a faint amount of rain yesterday, but mostly just getting lightning from the clouds. No bad fires now, though I guess a big fire near Reno. Cheers, Mr Bill

    It is a bit strange the weather. We've had flash flood warnings even though in a drought.

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    GEESH! We continue to get rain. They had bad flooding S. of Austin in San Marcos. N. of Austin in Georgetown experienced 2"/hour with a very slow moving thunderstorm last week. We just keep getting hit.

    We are usually in volunteer water rationing for our lawns by now. Actually, we are entering the time of year when it is usually mandatory water rationing for our lawns based upon the last digit of our street address.

    It is hard to find a time that I can take my son's little doggie all the way around the block without getting rained on.

    I don't care if the dog or I get wet, but my electric mobility scooter can't get wet or the rain will affect the electronics.