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    hi rainbow-

    i wanted to continue this discussion here on this board (as you suggested- good idea)- so i copied and pasted your post here. is that ok w you? if not let me know.


    RAINBOW'S POST TO ME---------

    Bigmama, I agree, that you are a truth seeker, we are kindred spirits in this regard...

    I don't think, however, that you have a concept of the Mirrors Within that I speak of... it is not looking in the Mirror, and seeing that person, you, that likes Truth. It is looking Within.

    To answer your question whether I think truth is important, I think it depends on whether you want Truth to be important. It is important to me, and apparently important to you, but may not be important to others.

    I agree with you that telling all sides of a story is not focusing on the negative.

    I am a firm believer that all is important, negative and positive, I just prefer to look at life through more of a positive spin... the glass half full, instead of the glass half empty.

    As to your query of isn't it better to hear the positive and negative experiences from supplements, antivirals, Rx, or whatever, absolutely, I agree, most definitely helps one in one's journey.

    As to looking in the Mirror for myself on your question of why am I only comfortable with the positive spin on things, as opposed to truth containing positive and negative, I would say that I do look at the positive and negatives of all things, or try to, I just prefer to move through life, on my journey, with the more positive spin on things.

    I have always done this, since a child, and now that I understand more of quantum physics and metaphysics, I believe I am comfortable with this choice for myself.

    I will do a little "spin" on the Mirrors Within over on the spiritual worship board later this evening, if you would care to join me.

    Maybe we can journey together on this awesome avenue of emotional healing.

    peace be with us,

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    in reply to your post---

    i am glad that you are also a truth seeker! :)

    about the mirrors within concept- i have read your posts on it before- and i think i do understand it. about looking deep WITHIN oneself (not just looking at oneself.) what i meant- in my earlier post - is that when i look within myself, i am a person who seeks and values truth.

    so yes, truth is very important to me, and to you, like you said. then you said that truth may not be important to everyone. hmmmm. now i'm kinda stumped. are there many people who feel that truth is not important to them? and if so why? i thought everyone (who is sane) values truth. (????)

    i am glad that you agree w me that telling all sides (the positive and the negative) of a situation is important.

    you may not believe me here- but I actually am more of an optimist than a pessimist!!! (overall, and in general, that is- not in every situation, just in many). i am also skeptical, and practical, realistic,yet optimistic.

    rainbow and anyone else- please add your two cents on these topics.

    take care all,

    ps- there is alot going on on this thread. should i have one (this one) on "truth" and another one on "mirrors within"? or just leave it as is?
    i'll just leave it for now.

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    Maybe I can give you examples of people who do not seek truth. An anorexic looks in the mirror and instead of seeing a a malnournished person, sees someone who is "fat" and needs to still loose weight. It is that the person's mind is tricking them into seeing what is not there so they do not see the truth. If anyone tells them different, they will not believe them and they need medical intervention.

    Some times people who commit crimes lie to themselves and their family that the crime(s) wasn't anything big and no one will miss whatever was taken, etc.--particularly in embezzlement crimes. They can look in the mirror and they do not see their true self within and they cannot be truthful with themselves. They don't see the many people they hurt, including the company they robbed and their employees (who now may not get their raises) their own family, their wives/girlfriends, children, etc. A man who embezzled from the one law firm I worked for actually embezzled our bonus money--so there were no bonuses and the employees suffered for it.

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    rain, on your positive spin on things, as opposed to truth containing positive and negative,...you saying that you try to be more positive....
    I do also...
    Like at times of discouragement. We hang on and make good decisions anyway. There may be times in our lives when perseverance means to simply keep moving. we aren't even thinking about gaining any sort of strength from tirals in which we may presently find ourselves in, and most often we don't realize our increased inner strength until later down the road, after we have had a chance for reflection...then, we find that "comfortable spin on things as you well put it.
    My two cents, hope it made sense... It did to me...:)
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    Wow, I just have to respond to you sharing about your mother. I thought my mother was bad. She also put me down. But, not right out saying, your ugly or worthless. She did it in a round about way...and I remember more of it as a teen..like, are you going out looking like that..I had no make up on. Or, you don't need an education, you're just going to get married and probably divorced. Later, as I grew older, she would point out my wrinkles on my forehead, and say, I didn't notice you were getting those already! Or, my age spots on my hands, you are waay to young to be getting those already! I used to drive home in tears. I wanted to go visit with her, but I didn't. Now she's gone. I miss her. She was my mom.

    It's amazing how you could tell yourself that you have value and worth, at such a young age. Did you at least hear something positive from someone else? Survie you did! I see you as this very well adjusted, loving and caring person. I'll bet you compliment people often..something you know others really do need.
    Thanks for sharing, we all know we aren't alone in the things we have been through throughout our lives, but for some reason, it's always been nice to be able to talk with someone else that's been through the same, or similar things. I can come on here and talk about my mother, but I don't share these things with my children, or friends here at home.
    Have a great day...smile. :) Cynthia
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    I don't think I am really ready to look "within"....I see my outside, but I am aware of all the hurt and confusion inside. I mostly share just my outside....smiling on the outside, so much pain within.

    Rainbow...maybe I am looking within the mirror and am afraid and turn away? Or maybe I have this concept all wrong.

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    How can you know that I hurt?? How can you see that?? I thought I hide it so well. I think through the therapy she is opening up so old wounds.

    But I really thought I was hiding this new pain well:)

    Thank you so much...all of you for this support!
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    i am sorry your mother was so mean to you. that is just not right. i think that would be very hard for any child to deal with. i can see how that kind of upbringing would force you to try very hard to look "on the bright side", for your own health and wellbeing.

    i have some mother issues and some father issues, too. different than yours, but with some similarities. the dad stuff is straightforward, but the mom stuff is rather complicated.

    about the "mirrors within". i do understand the concept. that we need to look within (sometimes prompted by a certain situation) and uncover truths about ourselves, and learn and grow from the whole experience.

    your example about your hubbys lil white lies making you upset, but you realized it was really your trust issue... that is a good example of "mirrors within" concept

    i guess where we disagree- is that i dont think that every situation is always a good "mirrors within" moment. i dont think that there is always "something deeper" to see. sometimes it just "is what it is".

    take care
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    Rainbow I just want you to know that as I read your posts and get to know you better, I see a woman who was once down trodden and abused as a child, and who, through hard work and rigorous self examination, has become a self actualized adult.

    To do what you are doing, to examine every aspect of your life, and know that you must get rid of the excess baggage from your childhood to become the person you want to be, is not an easy task.

    Although change is the only constant in our life, when it comes to changing ourselves, well..... most of us just don't like it. Looking in our mirror within is scary, and if we are honest with ourselves we won't like a lot of what we see.

    That's where the courage and focusing on the positive comes in. It takes great courage to accept our flaws, especially those we have held on to for a long time. They are us. To change can be threatening. Guaranteed everyone who is honest with themselves will find many things about themselves, either behaviors or thoughts, that they will want to change.

    So then comes the focusing on the positive. As a child I always felt like I wasn't as good as the other children for some reason. Not as smart or capable. I could have used those feelings to keep myself down, to not get an education, to not strive for more. I choose instead to use those feelings to motivate me to accomplish as much as I could in the areas of interest to me. I choose the positive.

    People like to be right. If we form an idea about ourselves we tend to do things that will confirm those feelings. Then we can say, "see, I was right I am......"

    If we see the whole picture, from all sides, naked in a bright light looking in a magnifying mirror if you will, accepting everything, then CHOOSE to focus on the positive and get rid of the rest, we can be happy and fulfilled people.

    Jamin, you are so right. there is nothing that makes drunks and druggies feel worse about themselves then someone getting sober. It is threatening, especially if they aren't getting straight. It's just as well your daughter doesn't spend time with them (I know it must hurt though because she has done so well) because she doesn't need to be exposed to that kinda stuff right now anyhow.

    Peace to all of you

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    i think this concept is supposed to be much more about looking within ones OWN self and seeing what's really going on, rather than looking within OTHER people (like your family members or friends or neighbor etc).

    understanding what makes other people "tick" can be important, helpful, interesting etc, but i dont think it goes along with the concept of "mirror within".

    one must hold the mirror up to oneself.

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    i knew you would say that!! i am totally serious!! thats kinda funny, after i wrote it i thought - i think i know what rainbow will say. (but i dont agree with you on this.)

    can you please explain to me how i am "judging and attacking jam" when i explained to her what "mirrors within" concept is about. she didnt get it. so i explained it. seems pretty simple to me.

    the concept is about a person looking inside themselves, to see the truth about themselves, and then to learn and grow. right? since when is explaining a concept to someone equal to judging and attacking them????

    no offense, rainbow, but at this point maybe you are "projecting" something on to me/my words!



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    rainbow, there is so much going on here on your post- it would take me an loong time to reply to it all. so let me just do it in "snippits".

    1. when i asked you to explain your statement about how i was judging and attacking jam- i was refering to my post on THIS thread, not on the GE poll thread.

    2.about my GE poll post- i disagree with you about the negative energy in the post title. i also disagree with you that people didnt answer because they thought there was negative energy in my post. i again disagree with you that i was "looking for a fight"

    3. regarding this statement you made to me---

    "So I will point out some examples of how you are judging and attacking jam, when what you are really doing is projecting your anger onto Jam, and the GE is just a top of the mountain button pushing incident for something way way deeper, something much earlier in your life that has set the ball in motion, rolling, of your anger you are holding within, the mirrors you are hesitant to look at for yourself, okay, here goes:"

    again, i disagree that i am projecting anger onto jam, and that the GE thing is a button pushing incident for something way deeper for me.

    4. please note that on all of my threads or posts about GE i say that i know it DOES help/work for some people, and that i am glad for them. i also say that it does not work for other people. rainbow, do you construe that as being angry or negative or trying to start a fight? if you do, well, thats not my problem.

    5. i disagree with your concept that "there is no good or bad, nor right or wrong." ummmmm, i am beginning to think that you and i rainbow, live in 2 separate universes! LOL

    6. i do agree with you when you said we are all pushing each others buttons!!!!! LOL

  13. bigmama2

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    hey! we agree on something! ;)

    peace to you, too

  14. bigmama2

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    yes, that makes senses that one would look into other people's "mirrors within" sometimes. to understand other people more deeply.

    what i meant by my post, is that the PRIMARY point of mirrors within is to look inside oneself.

    glad your daughter is doing much better now. :)

    Rainbow--also, i think that certain situations are good opportunities for looking within, and revealing ones innermost "stuff", but not every situation is a situation that warrents a "mirror within" moment. and we must discern which moments are which. ;)

    sj- hehehhehe! yea i got it bad if my nickname is bm!!! :)


  15. bigmama2

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    see look at that - another thing we can agree on! i was hoping that you didnt think that every single situation always is a mirror moment. i think that would cause ones brain to be in constant overdrive.

    and another thing to agree on- i am not perfect either! (that's for sure!) but nobody is.

    and - thanks for the compliment- that was kind and generous of you. :)

    about bm2- no offense taken. its kinda funny! (and i love to laugh)

    well, we can wave hello to each other from our 2 different universes!!!!

    take care,

  16. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Everybody,

    I read with interest some of the childhood traumas that some of you experienced, and how they've affected your lives. My experience is a bit different (as they all are), and thought I’d share just a bit here tonight. I myself grew up with a father who had limited interest in his family, and when he did take an interest, it would often be some kind of joking putdown. I was generally one of the stronger ones in the family, and I noticed my father tended to back off from doing this to me.

    In a lot of ways, throughout my life, I felt strong and confident. But I also felt a nagging part of me that would be just the opposite, sometimes bordering on depression. Thankfully, my stronger side predominated. I then had an experience several years ago that I feel shed some light on some of the turmoil I had felt.

    I had a therapeutic session with a woman who did what she called etheric clearings. I've mentioned this in another thread where I felt this woman shed some light on other things in my life. In one session however, she was able to go back and view some of the energetic situations surrounding my childhood.

    She was able to quickly discern that my father was alcoholic. She could also see that he had entities attached to him. And entities don't like light, such as the light that often (usually) surrounds young children. Anyway, she was able to see how these entities had begun to attack me in various ways to try to eliminate me.

    One of their methods to try to accomplish this was to implant various energetic messages within various organs of my body. These messages would go something like, "you are meant to die", "you will not survive", etc. She felt she did a clearing session on all of these messages that were essentially on autoplay.

    I went through this clearing process with a certain amount of skepticism, but I have to say that I did notice that a lot of the low-level turmoil I had experienced did seem to abate after I had this session. My comfortable skepticism took on a certain degree of belief after she related the following that she had also seen.

    She described another situation where she could see a forearm energetically overlaying my spinal column. The elbow was at the base of my spine, and the hand, which was clenched in a fist, was at the base of my skull. And a continual mantra was emanating from this clenched fist saying, "you will do as I say",”you will do as I say”, repeating itself over and over.

    I immediately knew it was my father who had implanted this early in my life, and was still there even after his death. So we did a clearing on that as well. It not only freed me from this terribly enervating battle, but it allowed my father to move on as well. Apparently, when people have so enmeshed ourselves energetically with another person, they themselves are limited in their spiritual progress until these kinds of things are released.

    I have to say, I wasn't planning on writing this tonight, but feel that I'm probably doing so for a reason. I suspect that anybody who has gone through any degree of childhood abuse has various types of energetic remnants that need to be addressed at some point. I suspect this could probably be done in a variety of ways, whether through counseling, finding a spiritual path, finding true friendships/ relationships that are healing and nurturing, prayer, etc. Or more likely, a combination of several different approaches.

    I think I’ll finish up by saying that I feel no ill will whatsoever toward my father regarding this incident, or anything else. We were such different people, with me often feeling he wasn’t the father I would have preferred, and I’m quite sure I was not the son he would have preferred. (I didn’t drink, smoke or curse enough I’m afraid :)

    But we made our peace toward the last years of his life. I let him BE who he was, and he let me BE who I was. We still had little in common, but I think our ability to just let each other BE was about the greatest gift we could have given each other, given our circumstances. Had we not accomplished this while he was still alive, I feel confident we could have accomplished it even after he translated. I believe inner communications with others after death are always a possibility, given the thin veil that separates this world from the next.

    Regards to All, Wayne

    P.S. I have a friend whose maiden name initials were bm. She looked forward to the day when she would marry and have new initials. Well, she finally did get married; to a man whose last name started with s. She took it all in good humor however. :)[This Message was Edited on 04/30/2009]
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    I can certainly relate with you when you say that childhood abuse or neglect needs to be addressed. The pain festers within you. But da*n does it hurt.

    When I am trying to face that mirror it fogs up until I can no longer see anything.

    I'm not at all sure I can do this Rainbow. I thought I had faced the past, I thought I had put it behind me. But the pain is still as present today as it was then. Why?? Or, is the pain just something to reckon with when it rears it ugly little head?

  18. vivian53

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    This is an interesting thread. I like that the initial issue was resolved amicably and with humor. Something I see frequently here and it makes me feel good. Great really.

    Big Mama2 I agree that every situation does not call for deep self examination. I also agree that strong feelings, whatever their manifestation, can be used as a tool to learn more about ourselves, and grow.

    Rainbow you have found the mirrors within method to rid yourself of erroneous messages etc you received as a child, to examine how they are affecting your life today, and rewrite them. It is working for you.

    Wayne you have also found a method to do so, one that may seem more unorthodox, but hey, it worked. The way you think fascinates me.

    Jamin your method of following the Steps of Al-Anon involves serious self examination and ridding yourself of character flaws is very effective. After all my years as a psychotherapist I have found this to be one of the most effective methods of change I've ever seen. I am impressed with this program.

    Debra it takes a lifetime to completely rid ourselves of our damaging thoughts and behaviors. We will always have to work at being joyful human beings. As you know there are many different methods to do this.

    On this thread are several different examples. I think it show us that what works for each of us can be different, no one method can be labeled as best.

    What I want to point out to you, as I have read the pain in your posts, is that the people here, that have found happiness, have worked on it a long time. Myself included.

    You have certainly taken you first steps and I have no doubt that you will find what you need. Walk at your own pace, without self recriminations, and take it one day at a time.

  19. vivian53

    vivian53 Member

    I wanted to reply to your post individually. I want to better understand the concept of clearing process you described. Although I haven't ever heard of this type of therapy I can see similarities to other methods various cultures have used to rid themselves of unwanted interference from others.

    Of course the one I am familiar with is psychotherapy. You described your healer as having gone back into your childhood a view some energetic situations. I do this through talking and sometimes the use of psychological tests, etc. How does this woman do it? Is she a psychic?

    It is interesting that although you followed a much different way than I am used to to get to personal peace, it worked none the less.

    I am immersed in the Hispanic culture. We have people here I'm sure you know of, called curanderos. The are able to do a similar type of healing.

    Sometimes the problem is as simple as getting the mal de ojo or susto. These are gotten rid of in various ways, sometimes the symbolic sweeping of the body to rid it of bad entities. Other deeper take much more work.

    Teas and incense can be prescribed along with different prayers and instructions. I used to study it's effectiveness along with that of traditional mental health services. They dovetail nicely when people will keep their minds open enough. And do have a lot of success.

    I'm glad you had closure with you father.


    You mentioned you had written of this healing method before. Hope you don't mind explaining a little more to me.

  20. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Vivian,

    I’m a bit tired at the moment, and not sure exactly how to describe the clearing work I had done, as it was so long ago. I think I’ll just start by sharing a bit of what I remember from that time, about 12 years ago or so. Before I forget, here’s the post I made where I first mentioned my experience with doing these etheric clearings:


    The woman who does these clearings, is also a member of Eckankar, which is how we first met. Apparently, she was approached inwardly by a number of ECK Masters who asked that she take up this type of healing work. If you’re interested in a bit more of an explanation about the ECK Masters, you can go to this link:


    Anyway, she was very hesitant to do so. She had read numerous times in Eckankar that one should be wary of getting involved in various psychic activities. And this type of work sounded pretty psychic to her. But she also didn’t feel she could ignore the request she had gotten. And she was eventually given some insights as to how some of her past life experiences had prepared her well for this undertaking.

    Being ever so cautious however, she thought about it for quite some time, I think a year or two. After checking in over and over, she finally gained the confidence to take up this work. But she faced a problem. How was she going to be able to tell the difference between what she was truly able to inwardly see and sense, and what was in her imagination? She was told to just get started, and it would all work out.

    To digress just a bit, I’m normally a very cautious person when it comes to these types of matters. I believe there is a lot of less than ethical stuff that goes on, and one should always be very careful and even wary of getting involved with people who proffer their services for things like soul retrieval, and other new age sounding terminology.

    But this woman seemed to approach her work from a very humble place, realizing that it was the ECK Masters working with her who would be doing the bulk of the inner energy work that was to take place. I think I had about 3-4 sessions with her, and always found it interesting to hear her describe some of the healing instruments that she would see being used. Interestingly, as I remember, these instruments often used various sound and light frequencies to facilitate many of these types of healings.

    Perhaps I’ll wrap up for now, as I’m not sure I’m specifically answering the questions you had in mind. What I might add however, is that I believe the type of therapy she (and the ECK Masters) are doing works to address issues on a very deep level. A level that I think would be described as deep Spiritual Healing.

    From my understanding, this would imply that the healing is permanent, as opposed to other types of physical, emotional, and/or psychic healings that often only given some temporary relief of symptoms. Not that it would necessarily be bad, but if a person had a choice as to whether to have permanent relief of symptoms by clearing out the root causes, or to only have temporary relief, I would think most people would opt for the permanent relief. Unless they really don’t have any interest in resolving some of their core issues.

    Vivian, I hope this helps. I would be more than happy to try to answer any other questions you may have or specifics you would be interested in. Perhaps one final thought. Regarding some of my comments on permanent healing, etc. My understanding is that being born into this world, and dealing with all the cause and effect situations that arise, implies a degree of “spiritual illness”. That is, being on these cycles of karma and reincarnation is not a natural part of Soul’s affairs.

    But it is a necessary part of our spiritual education in the interim. And as we move forward on our journeys back to the higher worlds, we will come across various healing techniques and healers who will be able to assist us on our way. One of these healing techniques that I’ve mentioned on occasion is that of “Singing HU”. In case you would want to learn more about this, you can access this youtube video entitled, “Eckankar Youth: Just Sing HU! - Ancient Spiritual Exercise”


    I had thought about posting this on your other thread “Help for All of Us Please”. From my own experience, practicing this spiritual exercise can be remarkably soothing, calming and healing. Not only for us, but as this deep healing begins to settle within us, it also goes out to those within our close circle of family and friends.

    All the Best Vivian, as you and your family go through your grieving and healing process.

    Wayne[This Message was Edited on 05/02/2009]