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    Dear Rainbow, Dear All,

    Rainbow, I wanted to thank you for your note over on the other board. It was really sweet and I very much appreciated you taking the time to post your kind and supportive words. Yes, I won't be spending nearly as much time on this board as I have in the past, for a number of reasons. This latest incident regarding Patient X is just the latest of a number of altercations that I feel have really changed the nature of this board.

    I'm generally pretty sensitive, and in the past two years I've been here, I usually try to tune into the "current state of consciousness" of the board before going beyond the first page. Sometimes there's a harmonious and supportive feeling, but other times, even a few hours later, it can change to a more adversarial tone. I can generally pick up on these variations in energy even before reading any posts.

    I eventually learned to tune in with what I felt I was able to handle on any given day, and often chose to stay away for a few days, either until I could get myself fortified and/or the energy of the board shifted to a more amenable tone.

    But in the past few months, I feel the general tone has continued to decline precipitously. I began staying away more and more, but finally decided to post about how I felt things were deteriorating so badly. Thus, some of my strongly stated posts in the past few days.

    It would have been far easier for me to just "fade away", but something about this situation brought my "warrior nature" out in me. I, and I feel many others here regard this board as somewhat of a sanctuary; a place we can come and be able to count on the friendship and support of others. And we could generally depend on other members to know a lot of what we're experiencing; somebody who understands. What a blessing this has been for so many here.

    For many here, it became their "home" away from home, and for some, it became a literal lifeline. So when I see others badly abusing this forum, and others saying things like "for Pete's sake, it's just an insignificant place in one little corner of cyberspace", I see an incredible lack of appreciation for what this board means for so many here. No appreciation whatsoever for the sanctity of this home.

    So when I spoke up, I did so for myself, but I was also trying to do something for others on this board. I felt there are relatively few here who had some of the abilities and/or inclination and energy at this particular time to do what I decided to do. One of these abilities is to be able to, at times, tap into some of the warrior energy I carry within me. I don't do this often, but when it wants to rise to the surface, I generally follow it, as it usually has a better understanding of a given situation than I do.

    To illustrate, I had an experience a number of years ago where I was driving down the main traffic artery in Madison, WI. Traffic was heavy and going a bit over the speed limit, as usual. All of a sudden, I saw a car screaming up from behind, veer wildly to get around me, veer back in front to pass another car, etc. It was probably going about 90+ mph, and veering recklessly every step of the way.

    Well, as I watched this car take an exit a ways up, my warrior spirit told me to follow it (as I start wondering with a bit of trepidation what's going to come next). Just as I took the same exit, I barely saw this car take a turn, and just as I made that turn, I barely saw it take another turn. As I made the last turn, I saw that the car had parked and the driver, who turned out to be a young 16-year old, was walking quite leisurely toward the house.

    He was not in any hurry whatsoever. He was driving the way he was because it was a thrill to him. When I began to confront him about his driving, he started to become a bit cocky and belligerent. I began trying to talk to him from various angles, at first attempting some sternness (my adrenaline was still flowing from the experience), then trying to get him to understand how he was going end up killing himself (he wasn't impressed, he was of course invulnerable).

    I was making a concerted effort to not talk down to him. Eventually, after I mentioned he would likely end up killing somebody else unless he changed, and following that with a bit of humor (not sure how I pulled that one off), he all of a sudden let go of his defiance. In a moment, in an instant, he got it. The self-assured, cocky demeanor was gone. He then began to assure me, in ways he seemed to hope I would understand, how he definitely got it. And he wouldn't be doing it any more.

    I think as we go through many lifetimes, we all eventually begin to tune into our warrior spirit within. As we prepare to take on significant future spiritual responsibilities, I believe we will all need to learn to become more assertive at times. Of course, along side this is learning to use ethical discrimination if this becomes our course of action. It's all a learning process, spanning what I feel are many lifetimes. But I believe we're all being prepared for greater things; even the serious health issues we deal with have their place.

    So dear Rainbow, Vivian, SJ, Rafiki, Springwater, Jaminhealth, Anchorholds, and others. I'm sorry if I've forgotten some of your names already, as it has been a while since I've been back here. Oh yeah, Cate too. Of course Cate too. I will still be stopping in now and then; just not as often. As I'm getting over to Cort's new board more often, I'm finding it somewhat difficult to navigate both boards at once, so I'm choosing to go where the energy is more consistently calm, healing and uplifting.

    BTW, I posted a picture of my Mom and me (on Cort's board) that was taken this past winter. She's currently in assisted living with some pretty serious Alzheimer's. But if you notice that look in her eye, she still has a sweet (sometimes almost mischevious) twinkle and has been able to maintain her cute sense of humor. In many ways, she's been an inspiration watching how she's been able to deal with some very difficult times with a certain sense of equanimity.

    Picture at: http://forums.aboutmecfs.org/album.php?albumid=13&pictureid=50

    In case anybody here would ever want to send me a private message, or exchange telephone numbers and/or e-mails, you can do so over at Cort's board as well. My username there is Wayne. Perhaps one day you'll surprise me with a note. I would love it!

    Peace, Love, and the Very Best to All, Wayne[This Message was Edited on 08/16/2009]
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    Hi All,

    Hi Jam (fellow warrior?) :) Thanks much for your note and words of support. I have to go to a dental appointment soon, but will check a bit on the link problem you mentioned and try to get back. I had a dental appt. about 3 weeks ago that knocked me down for about 10 days; am hoping it won't take me so long to recover this time.

    Dear Anchor, I was really touched by your message of friendship and blessings last night. I read it just before going to sleep, and let it settle in as I drifted off. The blessings you conveyed fit in perfectly with my own spiritual perspective as well. I refer to it as non-directed prayer.

    I sometimes become uncomfortable with prayer when it begins to come across as directed, such as prayer for elimination of health problems. I don't even pray for the elimination of my own health problems, though I continually do my very best to effectively address them. In my BIO, I mention how I think we're all here on this planet to "smooth out some of our rough edges". There's a lot involved in that simple statement, but one of them is that so often what we experience in our lives is exactly what we need to help us in this smoothing out process.

    Many here have mentioned how their health issues have changed them for the better. So when a person starts using directed prayer, is there not the possibility that a prayer like this that is fulfilled can be taking away a beneficial experience? That is why I resonated with your blessing last night, totally undirected, leaving it to God to bring whatever blessings are needed.

    RE: """I've been thinking about the need to redirect my mind and spirit too."""

    I'm of the belief that there may not be any choice we make on a daily basis that is more important than what we choose to let our mind focus on. With the chaos on the other board, I was finding my mind being way to preoccupied with this kind of stuff, and felt I needed to shift elsewhere. I feel I may have made a contribution by focusing on some of the recent chaos (never know how things will play out). But now I feel it's time to reorient myself for a while. Test some new waters. See where these endeavors take me.

    Again, thank you so much for your kind message last night. I so much appreciated your thoughts and your sentiments.

    Warmly, Wayne
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    You know I luv ya!
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    That was a wonderful thing that your warrior-self did with the young man driving so recklessly. You could have saved lives there! Along with your warrior-self, you are also a peacemaker. And such a kind person.

    I'll miss your presence here too. I hope you'll come back, at least sometimes. Wishing you a good experience on the new board you've chosen.

    Take good care of yourself!

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    I know I wasn't on here every day lately, but I missed the discord you are discussing. I thought fighting involving someone named Patient X was on the ME/CFS board and not here. If someone is creating a problem here, shouldn't be alerting the moderators instead of you leaving? It helps all of us to read your posts and I found them insightful and interesting.
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    I know they say that if one doesnt agree with something on the board then just walk away from that thread...but its easier said than done, when you feel passionately about an issue..i know how you feel. I admire the way you take up for others or causes you feel strongly about..inspite of the backlash which may occur as a conseqence.

    I would miss you greatly if you were to leave...tho i understand your need to take a breather from any unpleasantness...(I didnt read that thread which got deleted so dont know what transpired exactly).

    Your post on Georgias missing sock thread had me in stitches...im so glad u came and stopped by there :)

    we value your presence here and the wise insights you impart to us

    God Bless

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    I haven't been on the board much lately and so I didn't read the recent discord on the other board. I wholeheartedly agree with you that these message boards are a lifeline for many, myself included.

    I also understand that at times we have to become warriors and advocate for what we believe is right, just, and true. I appreciate warriors (I include myself too) because people willing to take risks for the benefit of others help make the world a better place.

    If we don't choose these battles carefully though we can wear ourselves out. With our health this is not hard to do.

    I have learned so much here from so many and Wayne you are one of the people that top my list of teachers. I always read your posts and learn from them. You have such insight and are able to explain different perspectives.

    I respect your choice to leave, of course, but I want you to know I will miss you here. In fact I would like to go to Cort's site so we can continue to share our thoughts and experiences.

    I don't now know any one else like you (no one here in rural south Texas talks about past lives), you are unique.

    I'm pretty internet ignorant so would you post the exact site please.

    peace and love to you Wayne, I will talk to you soon I hope,

    ETA Ok I found the site, I registered, and I saw the picture of you and your mother. What a good looking mother and son! I do see the light in your mothers eyes and know what that meant to you.

    I didn't post because I am running out of my caffeine induced steam....... [This Message was Edited on 08/19/2009]