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    Hey! I found something very nice on the Native Americans, Hopis.

    Its by Brian Weiss..In Messages from the Masters

    quote "

    I remember reading years ago about the Hopis, a native American nation. In their educational system, if a student did not know the answer to a question asked of him or her in the classroom, no other student would raise a hand to answer that question. It was considered rude and uncivilzed to embarass or humilate the first student. It was not important to impress the teacher with ones own brilliance, and it was though barbaric to advance oneself at the expense of one's peers.

    In the modern schools of our 'civilized' world, of course, there would be a sea of hands upraised to take advantage of the unfortunate student who didnt know the answer. We are taught to profit at the expense of others, to climb over our peers on the way to the top. We are taught to be competitive and ruthless and to discount completely the feelings of those we are trampling. Forget the humiliation of the unknowing student. Here is our chance to impress the teacher. "unquote

    Now this piece really touched me. Memories came back when i crouched in terror in my desk, lest the teacher asked me to go up and work out a trigonometry sum on the blackboard. (i was a dunce in math).

    And my poor son, how many times must he have endured the same, unknowningness, in his classes? he is not as bright as his friends or sister.

    I love the gentleness which the natives seem to portray in their dealings.

    Also, the way, Rainbow Eagle, says “Rainbow Eagle feels there is no need for guilt, his reply would be, and I have heard him say it, "Yes, your ancestors may have done these things, but that is not you."

    This concept of forgiveness. As opposed to damning the offender and his generations forever.

    Truly, Peace Shield teaching and Buddhism have many similarities. Tibetans and the Indians too seem to share a mystical creature – Yeti. Hahahaha.

    God Bless
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    What happened to the 2012 post, do I dare ask? I hope I didn't post anything wrong. I came back on to see if you saw my last post to you just now, but can't find it. I wrote that I wondered why I tought you were Native American.
    I can remember you writing something about your childhood I do believe, as to where you lived way out somewhere without a lot of surrounding homes..then you write a lot about the Native American. And, I as I was typing away, I remembered that I had taken a picture of my grandmother and grandfather's grave site in Mo. I am thinking if I get that birth date from that I could find out a lot from that side of the family. I have a big plastic container under my bed..with pictures..one in a closest, and a box of pictures downstairs in a cabinet. I guess I used to be into taking pictures. It's going to take a while to find it. Anyway, I pictured you with this long beautiful black hair wearing a pair of jeans most of the time while heading to the barn for your horses. :)
    Forgive me for intruding on this site Sprinwater, but I wanted to find rainbow. And, this is very interesting reading. Especially the end statement here of rainbow, where she says there are many similarities with Nativie American spirituality and Buddhism. I remember after learning a bit about Buddhism from some people that I worked with, I thought at that time that it souded similar to Native American. My husband and I were talking about Native American ways yesterday after I posted, because of what I posted about my having that in my background. We were talking about what we know, or at least what we think we know, and how the Native American people have such a gentle and loving way about their beliefs. We started talking about some of the things we've heard, I shared some of the things that I have seen you guys post. We had a nice conversation. Thanks for sharing these beautiful and gentle beliefs.
    rainbow, working on that assuming things....
    Love, Cynthia