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    Rain - need your advice. For the past 2 weeks have had Restless Leg Syndrome for the first time in my life. It's totally wrecking my sleep - which affects me emotionally and physically.

    Will be making an appt. for my CFS Dr. soon, so will ask him. But, do you know anything about this?

    Not putting this on the other boards for obvious reasons.

  2. windblade

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    Have been researching online and at prohealth. Possibilities to try.
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    I also thought I would look up this problem for you...you have probably already noticed they mentioned stress, or even a lack of iron..that didn't surprise me too much.
    I was glad that I went to check! As I have been having problems with the need to turn over a lot at night. Well, I find out that this is also one of the parts of the body that is needing to move, not just the legs..and also the arms. If I get this spelled right I'll be surprised..Whittmacks is another name for the restless syndrome..? Anyway, now I'll be looking. I have always had a problem with keeping my iron up. I'm having a real problem with my legs and arms and other parts of my body twitching lately. Crazy! You know, how you get eyelid twitches? I get real hard ones in my arms and legs.
    Good luck with your studying...and as hard as it sounds, try not to stress..I like the idea of your breathing, maybe you can explain to me how you do this?
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    Thank you so much for doing that research too! I'm a flip-flop sleeper - always have been, but this RLS was waking me up, and then I've been having to move my legs for 3-4 hours without stopping. Just jiggling, wiggling - moving them.

    I got so stressed out last night that my whole body was rigid with tight muscles, the chest pain that I get from CFS exhaustion, and felt my breathing get real shallow.

    I just started concentrating on taking slow deep breaths, from the diaphragm. Letting the diaphragm push out as I breathe in. And pulling it in as I breathe out. That gives a deep breath - oxygen through the whole body and is the best way to cleanse lymph glands, since they don't cleanse on their own.

    Rainbow and Springwater are experts, and know all the health benefits.

    I kept doing the breathing and tightened and relaxed my muscles to relax. Finally I was able to lie down, and just read for about 6 hours. Telling myself that was all I needed - was just to let my body calm down, and I would deal with the other problems later. And then I wasn't panicky anymore.

    I also know that prayer is a tremendous help! I know this from my own experiences of being prayed for, and praying for others.

    One time I was praying so hard for a friend of mine, a nun who also has CFS. She was going to visit her beloved Aunt in a nursing home. Perhaps the last visit they would have, and had to travel across many states with her unreliable CFS energy.

    I called her eagerly to see how it went, and she said, "Oh, but that's next week.". ( Urgghh)

    Then she said that she had had one of the most sustained, highly joyful times of her life during those days that I was praying. She didn't know why this was happening , and even wondered if she was being prepared to die. LOL

    She did end up having a wonderful visit with her Aunt - a deeply loving time. Whewww

    Did your research give you any explanations for that twiching you've been having?

    Love, Judy
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    Rain - thanks for posting that here also. Less stressful for me here on this board. I admire you and Jam for the valuable information you put on the various health boards, and also your attitudes. How you are peaceful but truthful.

    I wish I could use those boards more - but get in a high anxiety state. PTSD triggers. But posted a reply there.

    Jam - I so agree with you about how Dr.'s read or don't read tests. For instance my Dr's office called and told me there were no problems on my test except for low Vitamin D. I had been aware to say yes to taking that test because of Jam's posts, and was very glad that I did.

    But my sugar #'s are just a very few away from the HIGH - diabetes range. And my liver #'s also high - have been going in and out by only a few in the hepatitis range.

    My CFS Dr. - integrative medicine saw right away that I needed an insulin test, and i will be working on liver detox for an overenlarged liver.

    So I will look into the Ferritin levels also.

    I'm going to keep de-stressed now, and eat well, and slowly go over all the areas that Rain mentioned.

    Thank you both so much!

    Love, Wind
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    I have gotten over the RLS almost completely! And have just been spending many days getting my sleep patterns back - catching up.

    Just to be able to sleep is heavenly!

    I so appreciate all your help, encouragement - and healing thoughts and prayers.

    I'm so thankful that I didn't need to get to a Dr. in a hurry, as the transmission broke down in our car - it will be a few weeks probably before we find a rebuilt one, and have the work done.

    Love, Wind
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    I have the RLS back again. Two days, and I'm already feeling such sickness from exhaustion.

    So desparate going to try the ivory soap idea.

    No car - and my CFS Dr. won't be in my state until next wed. or thurs. - if I can get emergency appt.

    No tests until then.

    I usually only have a small amount of energy each day. I just don't have the strength to move in this strange, compulsive way for 3 hours or so at a time.

    Well, thanks for listening.
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    Yes - I'm working through a list of possibilities. Going to call my Dr. today - try and make an appt.

    My convent nun friends are praying for me also. After talking to them and praying, my panic subsided. I am using a spiritual mantra that has great meaning to me.

    I tried that soap idea - can't help feeling how silly it seems - didn't help. Plus the chemicals aggravate my MCS.

    So - I'm focusing on all these helps - going deeply into my faith. So thankful for people's prayers.

    How are you doing? We're getting more snow tomorrow. Also thankful that my husband in his late 60's has no problem shoveling. All that yoga and exercise he does is a great help.

    Sending positive thoughts to you and yours - husband and critters.

    Love, Wind
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    How wonderful that you found a group to join! In that movie I mentioned the Sioux Grandfather who was a great Storyteller always kept his drum with him.

    At one point in the story, he was tapping the drum and praying. The prayer was translated into English in the subtitles from his original language. I cried it was so beautiful - I felt so close to him in his prayer!

    Did I read somewhere that the drum was the beating of the heart? What is the meaning of the drumming?

    The RLS has gone away again. For over a week now or more. Caught up on my sleep - I was so very worn out from that and other things.

    I cut out as many foods as I could that I've been allergic to in the past. At one point there was hardly anything that I could eat. I had taken allergy tests from my CFS Dr. He says that with CFS it can be a domino affect with allergies.

    I'm allergic to gluten products, lactose, soy, eggs, nuts and on and on. Did you say that you found help with your allergies?

    I watch the squirrels here too everyday - they're so beautiful and quirky and funny. We have hawks also - I hear their calls in the morning. But the trees are very close together - hope that protects the squirrels.

    Are you going to your spiritual gathering every week?

    Love ya, Wind