Raise Awareness..........Dr. Phil...........? (reply for Kriket)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mai, Apr 28, 2006.

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    Hi! Yes it is/was a great idea, to contact Dr Phil & Oprah, & we shouldn't give up on it! I too sent my letters to them all, in the 'Million Letter Campaign' but did not hear very much about it! As I've said before, there is an ever-growing 'Army' of us, all over the globe, why can't we get that army, knocked into 'shape'!!!!!!!????????? (I can 'hear' all the jokes now' LOL!!!!!) but, seriously,we are so 'lucky' to have the internet at our fingertips in all of this!!!!! We just got to get ourselves organised!!!!!!!

    I am NOT a 'Leader' but I would be willing to act behind others with good 'ideas' on how we CAN raise awareness for ourselves. (I know, I am NOT a very good 'writer' either, but here I am, waiting for all the 'Leaders' with the ideas, to step forward......................I think Esther Rantzen would be a wonderful person to approach. I, personally have always admired her, and they way she stands up for the issues she cares passionately about. She currently has a programme on, about having a 'Good-Death". Also, I believe, one of her daughters had/has? ME & was diagnosed many years ago, so again. a subject close to her heart.

    What say any of you? I am so tired, & in so much pain today, cannot conjure up much energy, but, doing my best!!!!!!

    Love & Peace to You ALL Mai Xxx :)

    In Bonnie Scotland X
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    recognize awareness day on his show.

    Sue PS if you want to write or call here it ia.

    The Viewer Services Department

    433 WEST 53rd STREET
    NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10019
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    I am so sorry that I am just now responding to your post. I had to work yesterday, and was in too much pain last night to get on the computer. I do agree with your post and think that you have a great idea. I have never heard of Esther Rantzen or her show, so I'm clueless here. The power of prayer. Maybe we need to post for prayer on the worship board in hopes that one of them will respond to the letters that are sent. Anyway, thanks for responding and thanks to the ones that have been trying so desperately to get through to some of these talk shows.

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    Diane is on NPR (National Public Radio) and has a "voice disease" herself so if you listen to her, have patience with her slow speech. She's very smart, a marvelous interviewer and seems to have a lot of compassion.

    I did write to the show but only got a form letter back. If more wrote, I'll bet she'd do it. Here's the addy:


    She's on here (EST) from 10 to 11 a.m.

    As for Oprah and Dr. Phil, many of us have written but I think we're still too controversial for them. (Don't let that stop you, though.) I also wrote to Dr. Frank Lawless who's on McGraw's show often and wrote the book The ADD Answer. Excellent doctor and right down our alley with the neurotransmitter dysfunction.

    The CDC report on 4/20 and the articles written from that got me many comments from friends and family. Well, two.... but for us, that's "many". ;>)

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  5. Strawberry94

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    If you read on the Dr Phil site message board, there has been a long time request that he have a show with someone with CFS/FMS to raise awareness.

    Apparently he finally had a "chronic pain illness" person on but her syndrome was different and suprise, suprise, Dr Phil was able to fix the situation to everyone's satisfaction no fuss not too much muss.

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