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    A woman at the shelter has Lupus and is seeing a dermatologist for the "sores" on her face and arms.

    She is dark skinned African American and the marks on her face and arms are pink. She said the doctor had something that could be prescribed but it would bleach her skin.

    The marks don't hurt or itch but she was wondering if anyone had this same problem with their skin and what they were using.

    Is a dermatologist the best person for her to go to?

    Thank you!

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    She does have Lupus confirmed and she has pink round marks on her face like chicken pox looks. On us it would be dark looking.

    The doctor only has something that the doctor is hesitant to use because it would change her skin and cause trouble with her pigmentation.

    She is wondering if something else is available for her skin to heal these marks.

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    Did you say that the stuff the dermatologist is offering her to CURE or help her sores would discolor her skin? If she is going back to this dermatologist, tell her to ask for something else to help clear up the sores--something that WON'T discolor her skin!

    However, it wouldn't hurt for her to see her rheumy about the condition on her face, especially if it is related to her lupus. But, it MAY NOT be related to the lupus. Her rheumy could tell her if it was or not.

    I just can't believe that they isn't something to heal those sores that would not bleach out her skin!

    If the dermatologist can't find anything else, maybe she should ask the dermatologist to take a scraping of the sore and sent it to the lab to determine exacting what it is!! That way, she could "match the drug with the bug"!! (That's what my kids' pediatrician used to say all of the time!)

    Hope she gets some help soon,
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    I just wanted to say "hi". I haven't seen you for a while. Are you doing o.k.?

    It's like you to come here looking for help for someone else .... even in the face of tough times of your own. I think you are a pretty special person Miss Cindy.

    I'm glad you checked in. I hope you are doing well. Good luck to your friend.

    Thinking about you ..& hope all is well,


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