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    if memory serves me correctly you are a chiropractor. I had a discography done last Wednesday and it shows that my disc between L4 & L5 has one tear in the center. Then the disc below L% has 3 tears - only one does not break out into the spinal comlumn.

    I have been religiously doing the PT that the pain center PT gave me, and they are helping. I am having a hard time finding any info on torn disc and was hoping maybe you could hlep guide me in the right direction.

    In one my posts someone was nice enough to pass one on to me, but I would like to learn more. What are all the options that I should expect?? I have learned a lot from your different responses to others on this board.
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    LovinlifeinAK: I hate to hear about your problems with you disc in your lower lumbar spine. I'm having some problems the exact same place, except I have a pinched nerve there.

    I'm hoping if Ralph reads your post here, that he will also read my post titled "My Trip to the Chiropractor for My Pinched Nerve".

    Take care,
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    thanks guys......

    jlh - sorry to hear about your pinched nerve - OUCH!!
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    I forgot to ask if they could heal with time and the PT - which I have noticed an improvment since starting. They also put me in a back brace to help straighten my low back - I have to much of a curve.

    I was told the same with back surgeries - 50/50. He said that usually due to scar tissue. Something the surgeons can nor predict.

    Next week I start with the stabilization PT person. I have gotten lots of knowledge from the Doc and physical therapist. They answer any question I ask.

    Though here I live in Alaska I am not a fan of fish - but the old man caught a 60lb salmon - guess I should take some out of the freezer.......oh but I LOVE my veggies!!

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