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    have you seen from the people doing heavy duty liver flushing? I have never seen this, but a long time ago
    (about l5 years) I did heavy duty colonics (2 a day, under supervision at a clinic)and got out things most people would not believe (unless you have done it/seen it for yourself).It did not help any specific symptoms at the time (that was disappointing) but did seem to me a good thing to do, why would you want to have that stuff inside. What kind of liver flush were they doing, (or do you recommend)? I wish there was a colonic place in the town I am currently living in, I wouldd do a few.
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    you mean foggy as in brain fog? What does the "stuffed" refer to; haven't a clue about that one. How long does this better feeling (not stuffed not foggy) last? Reason I ask is I've done a couple of the oil and lemon flushes and I get a sense of well being but it only lasts 5 minutes or so.