Ralph...Trivita? Reccomended to me, but I don't know

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    Someone has reccomended I try a suppliment called Trivita. It is a combo of B vitamins and I understand it goes directly into the bloodstream. Heard of this? I am a bit scared of new things so this sounds good but IS it really good for you? TIA
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    Type trivita.com into your computer. I am not in the medical field so its hard for me to relate what I read. Heck its hard for me to relate period these days :)
    But it is put under the tongue. If you have a sec and could give me an opinion i would love it.
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    Trivita is a sublingual tablet containing B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid tablets. I purchased something similar at GMC. Also, I've purchased something similar on this website. I took the tablets for a while (at least 3 months each), and didn't notice any effect.

    A sublingual type of tablet allows the contents to be able to get into the blood faster and sometimes more efficiently than going through the gut.

    It wouldn't hurt to try it. The theory is sound, and it may help you.

    Warm wishes, Jeannette
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    I read a testimonial for it from their website. In the testimonial the woman said she was all tired and drug out then she takes her B-12 and she's laughing out loud. Ok. I don't want a "happy pill" so thats why i am hesitant! I just want to feel better, sleep better, and have a little more energy. So maybe I'll give it a go. Thanks!
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    Hoping to catch Ralph
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    I hated to keep bumping for you. I know how busy you are and its so kind of you to take time to visit us here and ad d your wisdom and knowledge to us. I wish you were in Indiana!
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    ...is it just me, or do any others not put a lot of stock in stuff that's overhyped on infomercials, like this product??? Maybe it's my cynical nature, and I should open my mind...

    I have enormous respect for our naturo-guru Ralph, and I just can't see him hawking Standard Process, or the Systemic products he recommends, on an infomercial!! I love my Standard Process supps, but if I saw them advertised on the tube at 3 am ("call in the next ten minutes and we'll send you TWO, that's right, TWO bottles of Drenatrophin PMG!!!") I think I'd have to run the other way.

    I guess I'm just an infomercial-phobe....

    Good luck if you try it, I hope it helps you.


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    Thats exactly why I asked Ralph first! I trust His judgement! So I am NOT going to take this but maybe I will try someting similar. Thanks for posting :)