Ralph...what to your mind is the perfect diet and NAET?

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    Would love to know! :)
    BTW, Do you practise NAET? Where does food fit into this? How can I find the right practitioner...are there any hints or clues youcould give me? I am in the UK and I feel like maybe here they don't have the same expertise as some practitioners in the States? I have not seen one Advanced 3 in the UK? I don't mean this to sound bad either but I tink there are a lot of cowboys in the natural health field (present company most definitely excepted!) :) I'm scared of getting a dud..and my symptoms are so bad I couldn't bear to see no results at all. I can't afford to waste my money (well, my b/friend's to be precise..since he's not rich either!)

    Does NAET work for every one..and does it even work on chemical sensitivities so that a person can tolerate chemicals again?

    Thanks so much Ralph! I really do appreciate all the wonderful advice you share!!!

    Shelbo :)
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    I am thinking of seeing s/o here called Fitz Larsen...a woman here has become an NAET prac after being treated by him/her...not sure if the person's m or f...

    Does it make a difference what the sex of the person is who treats you? Sounds silly..but is there something to be said for females going to a woman and males going to a man for NAET for any reason?

    Thanks for all your advice...so helpful, as usual! I'll do my research!

    You don't fany a free holiday in the UK, do you...you can pay me in NAET treatments...:)

    Thanks again, Love and God bless, Shelbo
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    Shelbo, the digestion factor is extremely important in all of this, as I found out by going to someone that Ralph referred me to in Ohio, very brilliant nutritionist.

    Improper digestion and diet is probably what starts us down the spiraling path of ill health.

    I would try to pick a practitioner that is kinda smart in that regard as well.

    Re sex of practitioner, doesn't matter a hill of beans, but if you aren't getting good vibes from your practitioner, listen to your gut instincts.