Random Acts of Kindness~~when was the last time

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    you did something for someone and what did you do?
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    I've taken over feeding the fish at the pond over the three-day holiday (it's at the development where I live). I often love just going there and watching the fish because they are so pretty and it is so relaxing watching them swim. I can certainly help out and feed them over the holidays or any time they need help.

    I also pick up trash thrown on the ground when I am out and about where I live. We are so fortunate to have such a nice place to live. I saw teens put a styrofoam flat container filled with macraroni and cheese up against my neighbor's back patio gate. I knew that as soon as she opened it, it would have dumped all over and made a huge goopy mess. I got it and took it to the dumpster. I never told my neighbor because it would have made her very mad.

    And I have had so many regular but wonderful people ask me if I need help when I am in stores or I'm pulling a cart behind my scooter. It is all acts of random kindness to me and I thank them so much. Many disabled tell me that no one cares about them and I tell them I am constantly asked if someone can help me with a cart or something off a shelf, etc. That people DO care about disabled and show them kindness.
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    Not too long ago, I was in Paris, on a beautiful vacation with my family. On our last day there, my husband handed me the last of our Euros and suggested that I go down to the Avenue and get myself something at one of the boutiques.

    As I strolled along this beautiful avenue, I noticed a man I had in fact seen the day before. He was sitting on the ground, quite dirty and disheveled, obviously living on the street. In his lap was a beautiful puppy, which slept serenely as he gently stroked the pup's neck. I watched them for a minute or two, and when the pup awoke, he looked into the man's eyes with the most loving look I had ever seen. The man looked at me and smiled a slight gentle smile as he returned his serene attention to the puppy, feeding him some tidbits from a crumpled and near empty bag of dog food.

    Soon I was on my way, looking into the store windows at all the beautiful bags, scarves, and general finery that the streets of Paris had to offer. But I could not shake the image of the man and his peaceful dog. As I approached a supermarket, my mind was made up in a second. I went in and bought a few bags of the same brand of dog food that the puppy was eating. I went back and found the man, and gave him the dog food, The man was so grateful, and even more so when I handed him the remaining Euros I had.

    Truly, it was the best gift I could have ever given myself.


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    Is that any opportunity to perform an act of kindness is a blessing for me. Studies have shown that if you perform an act of kindness, it benefits you emotionally and spiritually; it benefits the person for whom you perform the act; and, it benefits anyone who witnesses it. Now, that's a win, win, win situation.

    Sometimes, I've been lucky enough to see one act lead to another. It's easier, and better, to spread love than hate and to do something positive rather than something negative. I've been very blessed and try to pay it forward whenever I can.

    Love, Mikie
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    A couple of times in the last few months as I was going through the drive through at breakfast time at Wendy's, I bought breakfast for people behind me.
    I don't know their reactions, I just know it made me smile inside. :)